Home Office Makeovers

Whether your work space or desk area needs a fresh coat of paint, extra storage, or more space, a little creativity can go a long way in a home office makeover. Our quick and easy home office projects can transform your office from dull to wow-worthy without much time or money. Marry style and function with ideas from one or more of our home office updates that use creative low-cost updates, do-it-yourself projects, smart storage solutions, office furniture ideas, and more. See smart ways to stash your computer, printer, and all other devices. Get inspired by our collection of makeover ideas to help you create a good-looking and hardworking office within your very own home. From quick and easy weekend makeovers to inspirational home office ideas, we have the tips and tools to create the perfect work setup for everyone in your home.


More Office Inspiration
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For small offices, choose a desk that is sized right for the space. Here's how!

Office Decorating

Transform your office into a stylish workspace filled with function.

Organize Your Files

Streamline the paper pile-ups in your home office with our simple system.

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Home Office Makeovers