Budget Ideas for a Home Office

Unused space becomes a super-functional home office with the help of a few gallons of paint, smart storage choices, and creative thinking. Get ideas for your own budget transformation.

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  • Sunny Space

    Take advantage of natural light by placing the desk near windows.

    How to Get the Look:

    -- Coat wood floors in cream paint to brighten the space.

    -- Put a slipcover over a retired dining room chair for fresh color and homey style (put casters on the bottom for mobility).

    -- Build your own desk by attaching a flat door to stock leg posts bought at a home improvement store.

  • Bright Ideas

    "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas keep the budget low and the style quotient high.

    How to Get the Look:

    -- A garden urn and vase hold pencils and pens.

    -- Tall table lamps shed more light than short fixtures would have, plus, there's no installation hassle.

    -- Buy inexpensive woven baskets for extra storage.

  • Message and Filing Center

    Work board or work of art? You decide.

    How to Get the Look:

    -- Attach inexpensive molding to a dry erase board and paint to match the rest of the room.

    -- Add new drawer pulls to painted file cabinets -- put several units side by side for an impromptu credenza.

  • Boxed In

    You're only as organized as your shelving system.

    How to Get the Look (and learn the system):

    -- Spray paint dark shelving white.

    -- Be firm with your labeling system -- it will force you to edit things you don't use or need.

    -- Look for a unit with adjustable shelves so you can tailor your containers to ever-evolving storage needs.

  • Good Use of Space

    An awkward nook becomes a useful space with an old coffee table pushed into it, but click to the next slide to see an even better use of the space.

  • Better Use of Space

    Voila! A cozy seating area appears thanks to cushions placed on the coffee table.

    How to Get the Look:

    -- Buy box cushions for cushy seating (and don't forget throw pillows).

    -- Add wall art and a long, woven basket for storage.

  • Smart Drawers

    Assign each drawer one type of item, such as CDs, folders, and magazines to keep the spot uncluttered.

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