A dining room can be home to much more than just a table and chairs. And since dining rooms are often multifunctional spaces, you'll need to consider a whole range of factors before you sign your name along the dotted line to purchase a new dining set. Do you need a hutch to store little-used china? Would you like a buffet table to ease serving during a dinner party or family dinner? Have you considered what chair style will best complement your decor? We'll help you answer all of these questions and more with our insider tips and an array of real-life inspiration. We've gathered our best pointers to help you as you select both the furniture and arrangement that will define your dining room. Use the tips featured in our buying guide to assist you as you set out on your quest to find the perfect dining set. Browse through common chair styles to find the option that will suit your lifestyle. View our table guide to understand the importance of balancing both style and function. Finally, use our Arrange-a-Room tool to figure out which dining room layout will make the most of your space.


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