Declutter Your Master Bedroom and Bath

A little planning goes a long way in creating savvy storage for your master suite. Get organization inspiration from this functional yet stylish bedroom and bath.

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  • Sitting Storage

    A flip-top ottoman at the foot of the bed provides accessible storage for extra linens plus a cozy spot for slipping on shoes. Multidrawer bedside tables offer places to stash smaller items.

  • Divide Dresser Drawers

    Use the top drawers of a large bedroom dresser to house your favorite watches, necklaces, and more. Drawer dividers make it easy to adjust for the size and quantity of your accessories.

  • Clean Up Your Floor

    Tidy up your bedroom's sitting area with a large woven basket. The inexpensive storage solution adds warmth and beauty to the room while concealing unread magazines, books, or miscellaneous items.

  • Style Open Surfaces

    Wood boxes with leather and inlay designs offer a pretty place to store jewelry, watches, and other small items utilized on a daily basis. Stack them atop the bedroom dresser for easy accessory storage.

  • Hide Jewelry in Plain Sight

    Conceal an organized jewelry closet in the bedroom with a beveled full-length mirror. The velvet-lined closet creates a custom space for bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

  • Jewelry Organizer

    Clear envelopes allow you to openly display your favorite earrings and rings. Hang them in your jewelry closet along with necklaces that stay separated and tangle-free from hidden jewelry and belt hooks.

  • Tailor Closet Shelving

    Utilize the full storage potential of your bedroom with a professionally installed closet system. Drawers, shoe racks, hanging space, and open shelves make this customizeable walk-in closet an organizer's dream.

  • Clean Up Closet Drawers

    Separate small purses and wallets within closet drawers with linen-covered organizer boxes. In a second set of drawers, divide coiled belts with clear acrylic utensil trays designed for the kitchen.

  • Box It Up

    A bevy of baskets and boxes are the answer to infrequently used items. Label each one with a cardboard tag and ribbon to ensure clothing and accessories are easy to find when needed.

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    Choose the Right Storage Container

    We'll let you in on a little secret: The right container is the key to storage success. See how to choose the best baskets, bins, and containers to get the job done.

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    Display Accessories

    Showcase jewelry on mini dress forms and in miniature decorative bowls. Both items keep your closet neat and help morning routines flow smoothly.

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    Rethink Kitchen Holders

    Borrow a much-loved storage solution from the kitchen -- pot lid organizers. The holder keeps clutches upright and easy to locate while metal sweater dividers hold larger handbags in place.

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    Utilize Built-In Storage

    A double vanity offers a multitude of hideaway storage options in the master bathroom. Assign ownership to each compartment and a common area for shared items.

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    Store Toiletries

    Hold everyday bath items, towels, and sheets in a built-in armoire that boasts floor-to-ceiling shelves. Keep everything neat and tidy within the mirrored cabinet by storing items in labeled boxes and bins.

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    Dish Up Cosmetics

    Ceramic appetizer dishes are the perfect size for organizing makeup supplies and cosmetics. Sort them by color or type then store in a corner of your vanity. Bonus: when it's time to clean, simply place the holders in the dishwasher.

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    Put to Use a Mantel or Ledge

    Make a 3-inch ledge above the sink work harder by using it to display attractive toiletries and shaving supplies. Use a glass cup or vase to gather frequently used items, such as toothbrushes.

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