25 Creative Ideas for Master Bedroom Storage

When it comes to master bedrooms and master bathrooms, there are hundreds of ways to store items well and keep your suite a retreat. This master bedroom, closet, and bathroom utilizes 25 super smart tricks that you can use in your own space.

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    Build Your Own Storage

    Off-the-shelf storage units turn into a one-of-a-kind storage unit in this comfortable, pretty master bedroom. The homeowners took advantage of height -- grouping two tall units together -- as well as closed and open units thanks to doors and boxes. A platform bed offers storage, too, for extra blankets and more.

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    Headboard Storage

    A mix of open and closed storage around the headboard suits different needs. Open cubes display pretty accessories, while doors and drawers conceal utilitarian necessities. 

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    Keep Drawers Tidy

    Drawer dividers help keep drawers in tip-top shape, separating items such as socks and underwear.

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    Hidden Storage

    The same shelving units that frame the bed were laid horizontally to form the platform bed. Baskets conceal hidden storage, but when removed, items beneath the bed are easily accessible. The space beneath the bed is perfect for storing long items, such as wrapping paper rolls, yoga mats, and even skis.

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    Use Space You Can't See

    Under a bed, open storage in a master bedroom can store items that don’t have a space elsewhere in your home. Here, a wicker basket gathers oddly shaped gift bags and other wrapping supplies.

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    Dress Up Walls

    On the other side of the room, staggered open shelves help to break up a large expanse of wall space. In place of a blank wall, the homeowners had a clever built-in installed, with a built-in bench (check out the storage underneath) and shelves.

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    Capture the Smallest Space

    Small stretches of wall space next to windows and doors are all too often ignored when it comes to master bedroom storage. Here, a trio of clever shelves with heft offers space for artful display of treasured mementos.

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    Decorate and Store

    Well-done storage in a master bedroom offers a charming combination of decorative accents and practical storage. Here, a pretty trio of mirrors adds visual interest to a wall, while a place mat gathers together jewelry holders.

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    Invest in Slim Storage

    Narrow shoe shelves enable you to use even the smallest areas in a master bedroom closet. To better store and organize clothes, consider dividing them by type, color, or season.

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    Choose the Right Hangers

    You’ll be more likely to keep your master bedroom closet storage uncluttered if you use this expert trick: Buy the same type of hanger for the same type of clothing. For example, all the men’s shirts in this space have a sturdy wooden hanger, while the women’s dresses utilize a plastic version with a hook for any accessories.

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    Find Space for Odd Items

    Just a few inches of storage is all it takes to gather what would otherwise be awkward storage clutter in a drawer or on a shelf. Here, a fabric holder with loops offers a convenient storage spot for hanging belts and scarves.

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    Utilize Specialty Items

    Once you dive into the world of master bedroom storage, you’ll be quick to find out that for every type of need, there’s a type of storage. Some are particularly useful, such as this sliding tie holder. It offers the vertical storage space that’s required without taking up too much width.

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    Put Function Front and Center

    As much as you can, include functional items that makes storage even more practical to use. For example, this space utilizes a small mirror next to the jewelry -- a good way to be able to view accessories when you try them on versus having to move to the bathroom and back.

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    Include Some Decorative Storage

    Storage is often basic and unadorned, but to display pretty items, look for pretty trays or containers. Or, paper the inside of a shelf or tray with decorative paper, as with this piece that gathers bracelets and watches.

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    Take Storage to the Ceiling

    Don’t ignore the storage space that’s close to the ceiling in a master bedroom closet. Labeled baskets offer great spots for seasonal items. In addition, use as much of the height available as possible by dividing the space with two rods instead of one.

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    Mix Up Shelves

    Different heights of shelves offer more flexibility in a master bedroom closet. If you don’t want to fuss with built-in shelves, try dividers that slip into larger spaces -- used here to keep track of thinner T-shirts and other items.

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    Use Shelf Dividers

    Dividers are great for drawers, but inexpensive versions work well for open shelves, too. Here, tall wire options keep a collection of bags separated; the same type would work well for stacks of sweaters or T-shirts.

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    Go with Add-Ons

    You don’t necessarily need to splurge for fancy built-ins to maximize storage in a master bedroom closet. A simple, low-cost fabric drawer unit offers an open spot to organize clutches or other small handbags -- plus the unit is moveable should needs change.

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    Keep Shoes in the Open

    Items that you can’t see tend to stay unused, and that goes for shoes. Opt for a storage unit that keeps pairs divided but on view, with different size cubbies for different types of shoes -- whether they're flats, heels, or sneakers.

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    Evaluate Every Space

    In a master bedroom and bathroom space, carving out extra storage can be as simple as making use of open areas in artful ways. The windowsill and tub deck here offer narrow spaces for practical items, while slim wall stretches are great for hanging rods with baskets and shelves.

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    Utilize Hanging Storage

    Mass-market storage items such as hanging rods, hooks, and baskets are remarkably adaptable for a variety of rooms and items. Sponges, brushes, loofahs, and more find a perfect spot in this narrow area.

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    Display Daily Items

    If there are items that you use every day in your master bedroom and bathroom, consider placing them on a surface and within easy reach. To keep them neat and tidy, try a pretty tray and a few colorful containers.

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    Divide, Then Divide Again

    When you're searching for storage containers for a master bedroom and master bathroom, go for items that have subdivided compartments. It's a trick to organize smaller pieces such as makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and more.

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    Go Deep and Tall Under a Sink

    Under a sink can quickly turn into a storage nightmare. Slide-out baskets that take advantage of the awkward space as well as the available height can provide oft-used storage for extra toiletries.

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    Use What You Like

    One of the really great things about the evolution of personalized design, even as it relates to storage, is the ability to fearlessly mix and match materials and styles. Finished wood with unfinished wood? No problem, as demonstrated by this lovely, casual master bathroom accessory. If you have a slim wall space, a storage bar such as this can be a great way to display and access towels or other small items.

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