Editors' Picks: Dream Bedrooms

A bedroom is for relaxing, resting, and reading. Our dream bedrooms are inspiration for creating a calm, soothing retreat of your own.

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Cream, pink & red bedroom
Comfort Reigns

    With its soft, soothing colors, and feminine touches, this master bedroom feels like a small sanctuary. Two cozy armchairs snuggle under the window, extending the function of the space beyond sleeping hours. Two X-benches cap the foot of the bed in style but are easy to move by the chairs when a footrest is needed.

Drama Queen

    Faced with the risk of decor looking like doll furniture in the generous proportions of this room, there was only one option -- think big. A custom headboard features gentle curves that conquer an impressive wall space with feminine grace. Two hefty white side tables introduce modern appeal while matching the scale of the headboard. Overhead, a luminous acrylic-bead chandelier adds sparkle, while curtains suspended well above the top of the window frame draw the eye all the way to the ceiling.

In Bloom

    To make the most of a slanted ceiling line while introducing a sweet Swedish vibe to this bedroom, one wall is papered with a modern flower motif. A light-wood four-poster and dresser stand out against the field of blooms. White bedding adds crispness without competing with the wall for attention.

Salvaged Style

    A romantic corona sends a cascade of sheer fabric tumbling over an intricately carved headboard in this dreamy bedroom. The corona started out as an old lamp -- its sockets were removed in favor of a lining of mosquito netting. Side tables fitted with chicken wire add rustic functionality.

Subtly Pink

    Rosy pinks make their way into this beige bedroom in an oh-so-subtle way. The blush, almost neutral tone is found on the striped bed skirt and headboard, as well as the pillows. Other accessories, such as the side tables and stunning chandelier, introduce a touch of regal glamour.

Great Frame-Up

    In general, most people avoid positioning a bed in front of a window for fear of blocking light. But when no other wall option presents itself, follow the lead of this bedroom and make the most of an architectural asset. Framed with luscious folds of fabric and a pleated valance, this window feels like a natural extension of the upholstered headboard by mimicking the look of a canopy.

Moving Theme

    A thread of reddish-orange unites the patterns in this bedroom, but if you look a little closer, you'll also discover a subtle circle motif. Dots on the bed skirt and draperies, circles on the duvet cover, and rings on the Roman shades all work together to add movement to the space. The piece de resistance: a trio of porthole-style mirrors above the bed.

Balancing Act

    Symmetry can be a common thread in any room -- and it's not boring if you use a mix of shapes and materials. Matching nightstands, lamps, and mirrors flank this bed, giving the room a subtle pulled-together look that doesn't appear overthought.

Opposites Attract

    Taking its color cues from industrial concrete walls, this bedroom features a tufted headboard covered in steely gray linen and a contemporary painting rendered in metallic silvers. An antique four-poster and walnut chest continue the traditional theme, warming up the potential coolness of the concrete walls with a touch of timeless formality.

Paper Power

    Relax the formality of traditional furniture and bedding choices by introducing at least one modern element. Here, geometric wallpaper behind the bed does the trick. It beautifully complements the embroidered trim on the white bedding while balancing the sweetness of the design with a little edginess.

Old-World Dream

    Manor style plays out in a gracious way in this room. White walls and a beamed ceiling foster an Old English feel that's enriched by ornate patterns adorning the bedding and canopy. The trunk at the end of the bed continues the antique look while providing much-needed modern storage space.

All the Right Angles

    Take a page from this attic and maximize an awkward corner with a headboard that has wow written all over it. The beautifully constructed piece is outfitted with white wainscoting and displays favorite beachside accessories. Function meets style with reading-light wall sconces. Electrical outlets are close at hand for alarm clocks, cell phone chargers, and more.

Ahead of Its Class

    An upholstered headboard covered in custom fabric retails for big bucks, but it's easy to get the look at home with a little DIY creativity. This headboard is made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard) softened with foam and covered with a slipcover made from a personality-plus fabric. Solid-color bedding allows the headboard to steal the show.

Under Wraps

    No closet? No problem! This bedroom scored architectural character with the addition of two floor-to-ceiling closets installed bedside. Now the bed tucks neatly into the nook created by the closets. Curtains add softness to the space while hiding the hard-working nature of the closets.

Pillow Panache

    Pump up the power of a nice but bland bedroom set with a host of decorative accent pillows. Selected for their contrasting shapes and textures, the pillows on this bed add interesting depth and color to an otherwise neutral scheme. To enhance the fun factor, the duvet features miniature 3-D flowers, which are attached with snaps so they pop off easily come wash time.

Twin Sweet

    A white iron bed frame treated to a faux finish lays the foundation for romantic layers of linens in this bedroom. Carried out in an inviting soft green, toile shams paired with white sheets, a comfy cotton blanket, and a ruffle-trimmed white comforter feel as fresh as a spring day.

Orderly Approach

    If an absence of color soothes you, try taking this bedroom's approach. Awash in a sea of gray, the room creates interest with tone-on-tone fabrics, intricate paneling, and textural contrast between a leather headboard and a glittering chandelier. To replicate the wall treatment above the headboard, simply frame wow wallpaper with picture molding.

Bedroom for Both

    Decorating to keep both genders happy means walking a fine line between feminine and masculine. In this bedroom, a luxurious, gender-neutral color palette of soft blues and grays mixed with strong browns bridges the divide. A leather headboard and bench turn the bed into a sturdy focal point. A curvy armchair, silk linens, and a potted plant soften the brawny look.

Modern Oasis

    An abundance of natural light shines off this modern bedroom's black-and-white surfaces. Beige walls and white linens give the space an airy feel. The black four-poster bed and wood bench add substance and structure. The completed minimalist look is soothing and relaxing.

Beachy Keen

    This bedroom is as pretty as a seaside scene. Sand-color drapes and bedding and pale seafoam-green walls evoke the misty moods of the ocean. A slightly distressed four-poster channels an old-fashioned beach house. Sand dollar artwork is the only obvious ode to the sea, but its understated colors fit the room.

Hotel Chic

    Reminiscent of a posh hotel, this bedroom brings a luxurious look home. Soft white walls provide a soothing backdrop for rich textiles. The brocade headboard and the plaid bench complement each other beautifully because they come from the same color family. The plump pillows and duvet extend an invitation to relax at day's end.

White & Bright

    This room has a lot of white, but the curtains, walls, and bedding all boast a different texture, which brings eye-pleasing depth to the space. Rich wood furniture adds a dash of warm contrast while orange pillows add a pop of color. Thanks to the neutral base, all that's needed to refresh the look is a new accent hue.

Nice Niche

    The recessed space between two small closets in this room offered the perfect place to fit a bed. A creamy latte paint covers the walls and camouflages a brick wall. Stripes add a contemporary vibe, as do the polka-dot accent pillows.

Pattern Parade

    Although all the patterns in this room vary, they all complement each other. The striped artwork, the carpet, the checkered bed skirt and bench, and scroll-patterned chair all carry the same color of blue. Using solid colors -- such as on the drapes and walls -- keeps the room from becoming too busy.

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