Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Bedroom Makeovers

From boring bedroom decor to misused space, these unattractive befores received much-needed makeovers that transformed each space into a must-see after.

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From Plain Bedroom to Color Rich

    Before: Floral valances are the only spot of color in this whitewashed bedroom. The bare-bones space lacks color and furniture.

From Plain Bedroom to Color Rich

    After: This room gets a much-needed dose of personality from color, pattern, and flea market finds.

    Walls: Patterned wallpaper in a creamy shade adds dimension and texture to the walls, yet maintains a neutral starting point for the rest of the room.

    Headboard: A distressed headboard serves as the room's focal point. It also adds cottage charm to the room.

    Furniture: An ottoman with zebra-print fabric and a flea market side table add character and resting places for bedroom essentials.

    Bedding: Bedding in teals and pinks adds color to the room. Letting the bedding provide the color is a budget-savvy way to give a room personality.

From Basic to Pretty in Pink

    The room's beige palette is a common problem in many homes. The empty walls and nondescript wall-to-wall carpeting are good starting points for this room's makeover.

From Basic to Pretty in Pink

    After: Color, pattern, and texture add character to this glamorous boudoir.

    Walls: A deep, dusty taupe wall color adds a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

    Bedding: A new duvet in shades of pink and a pillow outfitted in mod, oversize houndstooth incorporate the room's tangerine accents and add bold color to the room.

    Closet: Silk-taffeta drapery panels replace boring bifold closet doors and add a shot of color and glamorous sheen to the bedroom.

    Wall Art: Ceramic plates and framed artwork fill blank walls. Each piece complements the room's other colorful accents.

From Almost Done to Aah

    Before: A master suite with a wall of built-in storage is the perfect background for a bedroom makeover. The room is filled with strong pieces, yet lacks personality.

From Almost Done to Aah

    After: A canopy and splash of color give the master suite a polished look.

    Bedding: A new bedframe supports a canopy for dramatic flair. Lime-green and chocolate-brown accents add color to the formerly neutral space.

    Furniture: An open nightstand replaces the three-drawer side table. The black nightstand grounds the space.

    Wall Art: Three pieces of framed wall art add flair to the blank space above the bed and create a focal point for the room.

From Single Purpose to Double Duty

    Before: With cold white walls, boring bedding, and a hodgepodge of furniture leftovers, this small guest bedroom was less than inviting. Plus, it served no purpose when there weren't any guests.

From Single Purpose to Double Duty

    After: Adding a flea market secretary desk gives the room an everyday purpose.

    Color:Soft gray-blue on the walls is a soothing choice for a bedroom. New bedding picks up the wall color and gives the room a tidy, coordinated look.

    Window Treatments: We traded a basic roller shade and filmy sheers for a more substantial bamboo Roman shade.

    Floor Plan: Moving the bed to the window wall made space for additional furniture.

    New Furniture: A small secretary is a multitasker -- a mini home office most days; a bedside table and dresser when guests arrive.

    Flooring: An inexpensive jute rug softens the scuffed wood floor.

    Headboard: A linen-upholstered board was made to cover the iron headboard for a dramatic new look. To create this look, cut a board to fit the headboard curves, upholster it with fabric of your choice, and bolt it to the iron frame.

From Beige to Bold

    Before: A beige bedroom is the starting point for this dramatic bedroom makeover. Strong pieces, such as the cherry sleigh bed, hint at the luxurious room to come.

From Beige to Bold

    After: Deep purple and rich cherry furniture give this bedroom an air of luxury.

    Color: A mid-range lavender hue on the wall coordinates with the purple linens and rich cherry wood furniture.

    Wallpaper:The bump-out becomes the star of the show with wallpaper that pulls together the room's color palette in dramatic fashion and costs less than papering the entire room.

    Furniture: A matching cherry dresser and mirrored bedside tables add glamour to the room. These pieces also add ample storage space.

    Window Treatments: Simple boucle drapery panels bring a soft elegance that the valances lacked. A solid color works better than a pattern for these panels, letting the wood grains and bedding shine.

From Awkward Setup to Charming Space

    Before: Even with decent furniture, it was difficult to find a great way to arrange this awkward space. The whitewashed walls don't help the room's decor.

From Awkward Setup to Charming Space

    After: Now the room feels polished. We added storage-savvy furnishings, such as high-capacity nightstands, to keep things neat and tidy.

    Wall Color: A soft teal wall color creates a soothing space without making the room feel small.

    Headboard: The dramatic high headboard frames a collection of pretty pillows to create the room's focal point.

    Bedding: Cool green and bright orange bed linens add lots of color to the formerly beige room.

From Plain Bedroom to Romantic Retreat

    Before: This master bedroom was nice but plain. Beige walls and carpet give the space an overall pasty pallor while the absence of a headboard makes the room feel unfinished.

From Plain Bedroom to Romantic Retreat

    After: A makeover inspired by rose-pattern bedding created a serene and romantic bedroom.

    Walls: The pink striped wallpaper adds dimension and interest to the room's walls.

    Headboard: Raised-panel doors are repurposed into a headboard by cutting them down to size and painting them a soothing green

    Furniture: To save money, the room's existing furniture was repainted. The dresser and side tables were painted the same shade of green as the headboard, while the woven chair and ottoman were sprayed a darker shade of green.

    Window Treatment: Heavy red curtains block out light, provide privacy, and add rich contrast to the subtle greens throughout the room.

From Cluttered Attic to Cottage Bedroom

    Before: This attic space began as disorderly. Low ceilings and neglected corners result in wasted space. Mismatched frames and knickknacks covered the walls and tabletops.

From Cluttered Attic to Cottage Bedroom

    After: A cottage style makeover with flea market finds turns this bedroom from chaotic to calming.

    Walls: Lightening the walls allows the room's special features, such as its sloped ceilings and wide-plank wood floors, to shine.

    Bedding: Luxurious bedding in crisp white and cream adds to the calming color palette.

    Furniture: To maximize space in an attic, choose small pieces that can be tucked into cozy corners. A petite table can be used as a desk or a vanity. A flea market nightstand and lamp give the space cottage charm.

From Neutral to Colorful

    Before: Beige walls, comfortable bedding, and a few accessories make this bedroom a neutral oasis. A matelasse coverlet and pillow shams paired with a quilted-look blanket and striped throw pillows made from outdoor fabrics add comfort but lack flair.

From Neutral to Colorful

    After: Beige walls provide the perfect backdrop for a collection of bold accessories.

    Bedding: Orange and green accent pillows and an orange patterned duvet add a splash of color to the bedroom.

    Wall Art: A bold piece of orange artwork -- an inexpensive artist's canvas painted a solid color -- creates a focal point to the space above the headboard.

    Accents: Accents, such as the large-scale lamp with a playful patterned shade, feature multiple colors to bring the room's palette together seamlessly.

From Super Simple to Super Functional

    Before: This bedroom was in desperate need of a makeover. The bed sat right on the floor without a headboard and frame. The simple white bedding alongside did little for the white nightstand and lamp.

From Super Simple to Super Functional

    After: This room was transformed into a storage paradise.

    Walls: A rich mushroom color was added to the once white wall, giving the room a cozy vibe.

    Headboard: Three open bookcases were placed behind the bed as a creative headboard.

    Bedding: The white bedding was given a boost by adding throw pillows with color and a pretty duvet at the foot of the bed.

    Floors: A cozy rug brings warmth to the room and ties in with the rich wall color perfectly.

    Closet: The sliding closet doors were replaced with chic French doors. Lace-look adhesive masks the closet clutter.

From Bare Bones to Simply Chic

    Before: This empty room featuring two large windows had tons of potential to become a peaceful haven.

From Bare Bones to Simply Chic

    After: A simple and sweet color scheme makes waking up in this once ho-hum room a gracious experience.

    Walls: Soft yellow paint instantly brightens up this once dreary room.

    Floor: The original hardwood floors were refinished, giving them new life.

    Furniture: Black wicker furniture brings a chic, sophisticated look to this room.

    Window treatments: Simple white draperies allow sunlight into the room during the day and privacy at night.

From Dark and Dismal to Pretty and Posh

    Before: Outdated wallpaper and a haphazard layout left this attic suite with a bad case of the blahs.

From Dark and Dismal to Pretty and Posh

    After: This bedroom suite becomes a chic sanctuary with just a few simple changes.

    Bed: The bed is tucked against the windows and is framed by beautifully hung draperies.

    Accessories and furniture: The accessories add a sophisticated pop of color in warm chocolate tones. The chic white furniture gives the room a clean and airy look.

    Walls: The drab wallpaper was removed and neutral beige completed this formal retreat.

    Fabrics: Dressed in elegantly layered fabrics, the bed becomes a luxurious retreat and establishes the room's refined style and hushed palette.

From Scattered to Simply Cozy

    Before: This room was scattered with all the essentials needed for the perfect makeover -- it just needed a little arranging.

From Scattered to Simply Cozy

    After: After a little TLC, this cozy bedroom gives off a retro vibe.

    Bed: After repositioning the bed next to the window, a simple graphic headboard completes the look. Monochromatic linens keep the look simple and cozy.

    Rug: A shag runner in soft shades of green adds a dash of color to the wood floor.

    Window treatments: Simple curtains in a vintage-inspired pattern incorporate the blue and green color scheme.

From Family Room to Beachy Bedroom

    Before: The homeowner's family had outgrown their need for a family playroom.

From Family Room to Beachy Bedroom

    After: This room was stripped down to the bare bones and transformed into a beachy paradise.

    Theme: Beaded board on the ceiling, grass cloth on the walls, and painted faux studs were the perfect formula to create this Cape Cod feel.

    Bed: A painted wood headboard with an upholstered panel is a cozy complement to the beach retreat.

    Bedding: This traditional look takes on a modern feel by mixing a romantic floral with bold stripes.

    Walls: A grid of painted 2x4s adds to the cabin-like look and doubles as dramatic display space for beach-theme accessories.

From Casual to Cozy

    Before: Filled with unique flea market finds, this room needed a cohesive look to transform it into flea market chic.

From Casual to Cozy

    After: To coordinate with the soft yellow walls, this room gets a monochromatic makeover.

    Bedding: The flea market bed placed on an angle makes it the focus of the room. The bedding gets a makeover too, in soft shades of yellow to complement the yellow walls.

    Windows: White shutters were added to the windows to give them a cozy cottage look.

    Accessories: Soft yellow accessories like a bench at the foot of the bed and baskets carry out the monochromatic yellow palette.

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