Gorgeous Upholstered Headboards

From modern to traditional, an upholstered headboard is a crowning finish in these bedrooms.

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Style Bridge

    Curving high above a bed piled with luxurious linens and plush pillows, this headboard makes a sensational style statement. Its elegant shape and lush tufting play off the dramatic bedding, but the linenlike quality of the fabric speaks to the bedroom's charming primitive qualities -- whitewashed paneled walls, jute rug, and wicker table -- marrying the rustic with the sublime.

Refreshing Color

    Make a standard 8-foot ceiling appear higher with a tall headboard. Standing at a stately height, this green-and-white upholstered headboard is simple in shape, but it draws the eye up and creates the illusion of more vertical space. In a palette of neutrals, a jolt of color gives a room distinct personality. For balance, pick a colorful piece that also carries one of the room's main neutral hues. The white zigzag-and-dot pattern on the headboard fabric tempers the green background so it isn't jarring the way a solid-green headboard would be.

Added Structure

    Give an upholstered headboard a little bit of structure with a solid wood frame. Here, a band of richly stained wood frames the caramel velvet upholstered panel, coordinating the bed with the bedside table.

Dual-Function Headboard

    Placing a bed in front of a window is not a common furniture-arranging practice, but in this light-filled bedroom, the bed's placement serves a practical purpose. The tall headboard obstructs the view from the window for privacy's sake while still allowing some light through the top and providing a comfortable backrest to lean against in bed. Nailhead trim outlines the headboard, helping it stand out against the creamy white walls and shimmery drapes in the same hue.

Hybrid Headboard

    This headboard marries the soaring height of a poster bed with the soft luxury of an upholstered headboard. A tufted gray panel fits between the posts, which direct attention toward the bedroom's detailed crown molding.

Sweet Dreams

    A pair of shamrock-green headboards sets the sweetly preppy tone in this bedroom designed for two. The cloudlike shape of the headboards is whimsical, but the crisp white linens and walls keep the whimsy in check to create a look that will last from childhood to teenage-dom. To conceal anything collecting beneath the bed, add a matching bed skirt for a polished finish.

Neutral & Detailed

    While a monochromatic palette is chic, extra details can give it a little pizzazz. This upholstered headboard is almost the exact same soft oatmeal color as the wall behind it, but its elegant silhouette, nailhead trim, and deep tufting makes it stand out while maintaining an uninterrupted plane of neutral. The same principal applies to the matelasse bedspread: It's in the same neutral hue, but the quilting gives it standout texture.

Double Luxe

    To make an extra-luxurious statement, opt for a headboard in an elegant fabric and a rich color. Here, velvet and chocolate brown are the material and color of choice. A complementary blue-and-orange color pairing balances the rich brown, while a luxurious silk throw pillow keeps up with the velvety headboard's elegant demeanor.

On the Double

    Proving that two is sometimes better than one, a double row of nailhead trim punctuates this headboard's simple shape and blue upholstery. In another double take, a mirrored wall behind the bed serves as a secondary headboard.

In Coordination

    When choosing an upholstered headboard to match a wallpaper, consider matching the fabric to one of the less dominate colors within the pattern of the wallpaper. In this elegant bedroom, a gold headboard would have been striking, but it would have competed with the dominate metallic gold leaf pattern in the wallpaper. Instead, the headboard fabric matches the secondary ecru abstract flower blossoms, which creates a visual connection between the walls and the bed.

Carved in Style

    The sculptural shape of this upholstered headboard mimics the look of carved wood, but it's much softer to lean against. The velvety blue upholstery picks up the flourishes on the bedding and throw pillow.

Perfectly Patterned

    In a room filled with gorgeous patterns and colors, a simple headboard can be just as much of a standout as an ornamented one. This subdued creamy-white headboard is trimmed in oversize nailhead for a distinctive finish.

Delicious Chocolate

    Mocha tufted-silk upholstery on a wraparound headboard envelopes this bed with luxury and comfort. The simple textures of the fabric-and-wood frame contrast the grass-cloth-covered walls.

Scale Matters

    Scale and rhythm are key principles to successful pattern-mixing. In a space filled with pretty florals, an oversize-gingham fabric on the upholstered headboard and drapes offers a welcome contrast. The orderly pattern of green-and-white checks introduces a steady rhythm to the free-flowing florals on the walls and bedding. A larger-scale gingham pattern ensures that the fabric isn't lost among the room's elements the way a smaller pattern could have been.

Bridge the Gap

    Dark steel-blue walls envelop this crisp-white headboard for a cool, contrasting look. Silver nailhead trim bridges the chasm between the brightness of the headboard and the steely gray undertones of the wall. When working with stark contrasts, look for an element, such as this nailhead trim, that will tie the opposites together.

Textural Neutrals

    Layers of touchable textures mix and mingle around a basic natural-linen headboard. The vintage hooked-wool rug framed and hung above the bed inspired the collection of pillows that features quilted silk, tufted cotton, and crewelwork.

Cool Contrast

    Blend rounded lines with straight edges. The circular pattern on the headboard and bed skirt creates a striking effect with the rigid lines of the rectangular headboard. The result is an eye-appealing balance that makes a big impact in this room.

Big Personality

    Add style to a plain wall with an extra-high patterned upholstered headboard. The blue and green flowers on this print are perfect for the whimsical bedroom and make a statement on the light blue walls.

Pump Up the Volume

    An extra-high headboard and luxurious folds of fabric create a sense of grandeur that makes this feel bigger bedroom. The oversize-square European-style pillows emphasize the height of the headboard.

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