Pretty Headboard Decorating Ideas

A Headboard Instantly kicks up the style of any bed and adds a focal point to the room. Here are some of our favorite designs and creative ways to add a headboard to your bedroom decor.

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Cutout white headboard, blue walls
Creative Cut-Outs

    A headboard doesn't have to be a boring slab of solid wood. Think outside the box and use the headboard as a way to add interest to the room. Here the white headboard provides the perfect contrast to turquoise walls, and the background helps the geometric design to pop.

Pick a Print

    With a plain bedspread and neutral wall color, the headboard can be a perfect place to add a print. Pick fabric that blends in with the wall tone and bedspread for an elegant look. Or for a bolder statement, try a bright contrasting color. The large print in the fabric here breaks up a serene, monochromatic gray palette.

Paint Effects

    If you have a headboard you love, but the wall color just doesn't do it justice, try adding some paint. Here a purple rectangle "frame" painted on the wall behind the bed allows the creamy tufted headboard to stand out on the neutral wall.

Curtain Case

    Consider using a curtain panel as a headboard. They take the room to new heights by extending the eye upwards, and add a jolt of pattern to a blank wall. Simply install a curtain rod on the wall above your bed and hang a curtain from it, using decorating hooks for extra panache.

Woven Wonder

    Use a solid-colored headboard to offset brightly patterned bedding. This natural wood headboard provides the perfect background for a palette of pretty pillows and linens, while the woven styling adds to the boho chic look of this room. The light wood compliments the colors and feel of the bedding and lamp.

Daybed Decoration

    Upgrade a dull daybed to the status of a beautiful bed with a fabric-covered headboard. The printed fabric matches the pillows creating the perfect retreat for an afternoon daydream. This simple addition kicks the style up a notch in any room.

Clean White

    For a clean, bold look, white is a good option. This headboard picks up on bedspread color and frames the bed, but its main purpose is to let the green accents stand out.

Natural Element

    A simple, stylish bedroom calls for an understated headboard. This solid oak headboard is hung on the wall and is a modest way to add texture and interest, and the organic properties of the piece fit the room's minimalist approach.

Mix and Match

    Use your headboard as an opportunity to tie your bedroom's color palette together. The pattern on this upholstered headboard incorporates hues used on the furniture, linens, and pillows, picking up the green stripe on the shams, the blue on the throw pillows, and the creamy white on the duvet and nightstand.

Antique Addition

    Give an old headboard a new lift with color. Paint a secondhand piece a solid color, or use a stencil to add both pattern and color. You can also adhere wallpaper to a headboard with a flat surface and paint the trim.

Fine Lines

    A headboard with stripes is an easy way to create a focal point in a room. The crisp directional lines create movement drawing attention to the bed. The stripes on this headboard compliment the other prints and solids on the rug and bedding.

Stately Slumber

    Even a simple white headboard can make a big impact. This oversized headboard contrasts sharply with the dark walls. The deep master bedroom dormers do a lot for bringing the eye upward and boosting natural light, but it's the headboard that really helps the room achieve its full sense of height.

Simple Solutions

    A headboard doesn't have to be fancy. Even this simple white headboard gives the bed a sense of place on the wall. It acts as a picture frame to showcase the bedroom's well-appointed linens.

Pretty Patchwork

    Patchwork quilts are a staple style in the world of bed linens. Try something new and bring the look to your headboard. Create this look by using squares of florist's foam, plywood, quilt batting, and fabric.

Tin Charm

    This bedroom brings together the best of the old and the new. This standout headboard is fashioned from distressed white tin ceiling tiles. The antique look is contrasted by bright green and pinks that act as accent colors throughout the room, creating a charmingly eclectic look.

Quick Change

    For a fast and simple change of scenery, swath your headboard with a striking tapestry, tablecloth, flat bed sheet, or any type of fabric. It's an easy way to update a look or try out bolder colors and patterns without committing to a permanent change.

Subtle Statement

    Think of the wall behind your bed as one big headboard. Paint it an accent color, or give the wall an interesting treatment. This wall is a mural of beaded-board and trim.


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