Beds So Comfy, You'll Never Want to Leave

Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? The golden-haired interloper happened upon the forest dwelling of three bears and was so enchanted by the just-rightness of one of their beds that she promptly forgot herself and fell asleep. Well, we've rounded up 13 beds that are just as cozy and comfy -- without all the bear-induced danger.

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    Hug from a Headboard

    Doesn't this damask-upholstered headboard look like it's waiting with a warm embrace for anyone who might crawl into its arms? Such a tall headboard (with cushioned wings too!) can't help but be welcoming. It's ideal for propping up to read, catch up on e-mails, or sip coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

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    By the Sea

    As if this bedroom weren't gorgeous enough, with its serene taupe-and-blue color scheme and nubby-textured bedding and carpet, one glance at crystalline water and warm sand out the window, and you'll understand where the bedroom got its color inspiration. Lucky for anyone sleeping in this space, the view is spectacular both inside and out!

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    Designer Tricks for a Relaxing Bedroom

    Designer Nathan Turner divulges the secrets for creating a relaxing and beautiful bedroom. Watch and learn!

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    Lofty Perch

    No matter how old we get, there's still a thrill from the thought of sleeping somewhere up high -- in a tree house, attic loft, or even the top bunk. This compact bed ekes out a sliver of space below the roofline of this room; the bed's pocket is just tall enough to do a little reading before turning out the lights. What more does a person need?

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    Gender-Neutral Glamour

    This sleek bedroom in shimmering ivory, gray, and sage-green is clearly made for sharing. It has both traditionally feminine (rock-crystal lamps and silk draperies) and masculine (square cushions and a tailored, pleated bed skirt) elements wrapped in elegant hues and fabrics. 

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    Fit for Royalty

    There's something regal about this elegant bedroom: the massive bed situated just so between the windows, its towering headboard upholstered in a gargantuan floral, a high ceiling, and a chandelier dripping with -- yes! -- purple crystals. The room's symmetry gives every decorating decision double impact, from the pairs of pillows and benches at the foot of the bed to the window shades and nightstands. The lesson here? If you're going to go big in a bedroom, everything good is worth doing twice.

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    Working the Angles

    This compact bedroom has the appearance of a cozy attic hideaway or a guest room in a beachside cottage -- the angled wall, stepped ceiling, and wood planks wrap up the room like a snug little package. Dressing the windows so sunshine pours in and keeping clutter to a minimum lets this tiny room stay cozy rather than cramped. Standing at the center, the bed draws you in with its peppy orange coverlet, as if to say, "snuggle up here."

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    Vacation Luxury

    With so many special touches -- far more common to hotels than homes -- this master bedroom is the very lap of luxury. A pile of pillows and luxe linens ensure comfortable sleep and relaxation. Both the overhead chandelier and two table lamps cast flattering light into the room, while the barrel-vaulted ceiling gives the space enormous height.

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    Grown-Up Four-Poster

    What little kid didn't want a four-poster with curtains or a canopy? Behold, the all-grown-up version of the dream: Iron posters are crowned with gold, while white chiffon is shirred onto the crossbeams for a frothy enclosure fit for royalty. The rest of the room is sheathed in shades of gray and subtle, sophisticated patterns, an unabashedly elegant -- and adult -- scheme.

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    Perfect Pastels

    Many people will steer clear of pastels for everywhere except spaces for kids -- an unfortunate mistake. Because pastels are mostly white with a bit of pigment, their nearly neutral tone enlivens true neutrals -- like white, gray, and black -- with just the right amount of pop. See here how pastel blues and pinks put a smile on this beachy room and hint at the hues just outside the patio doors.

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    Soft Surroundings

    With just about every surface in this bedroom padded with down, carpet, fabric, or cushions, it might make a person collapse in a happy heap wherever they please -- there's not a bad seat in the house! With white, black, and a variety of grays smoothed across floors, walls, ceilings, sheets, and furniture, the (non)color scheme ensures a serene spot for recharging.

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    Licensed to Chill

    The luxurious bedding, ultramodern electronics, and super sleek surfaces would make James Bond feel right at home in this jet-setting bedroom (if he ever stayed in one place long enough to buy property, that is). It's just the sort of spot that Bond might slip into between classified missions: It's handsome, expensive, private, and deeply suave.

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    High Contrast

    Introducing colors that sit opposite each other on the color spectrum in a decorating scheme is a recipe for revival. Contrasting colors practically vibrate when they get together, generating plenty of energy and visual zap. Black and white is probably the safest bet for such a dynamic duo, as they're both neutrals -- see how gorgeously they interact in this master bedroom and how well they play with woods and metallics.

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    Master Bedroom Tips

    Inspired to design the bedroom of your dreams? Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to a restful, beautiful retreat.

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