Bedroom Color Ideas: White Bedrooms

White can be the perfect base for any bedroom design. Learn how decorate a white bedroom to create a stylish and serene retreat you'll be thrilled to call home.

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    Textures for Style

    When decorating with white, it’s important to incorporate a variety of textures or patterns to prevent the scheme from looking cold and uninviting. This sunny bedroom benefits from various subtle wood tones and natural textures. A statement-making sunburst mirror above the headboard adds interest to the white-painted walls. The subtle patterned throw pillows give the bed a splash of personality.

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    White on White

    A monochromatic white color palette can be tricky, but with a few smart moves, you can make it work. Keep the most dominate portions of your room the same shade. White walls emphasize the height of this master bedroom, while window treatments and bedding create continuous planes of white. Use shades of gray to add depth. The patterned throw pillows incorporate soft gray hues, which help break up the potentially stark look of the all-white walls, furniture, and bedding. Reflective materials, such as the mirror above the bed and the mirrored nightstand, also break up the white, without disturbing the monochromatic palette.

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    Beach Serenity

    Gather decorating inspiration from a piece of art or a collection of favorite items. In this bedroom, white-painted walls get a boost of style thanks to a large, statement-making painting. Soft grays found in the painting are echoed throughout the room on the bed frame and bedding. A large wooden chest at the foot of the bed recalls the look of beach wood and lends unique texture.

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    Subtly Striped

    Striped wallpaper wraps this modern bedroom with personality and style. The white-painted floor and vaulted ceiling reflects light and makes the space feel open and airy. Simple furniture reflects contemporary style and echoes the clean-lined look of the walls.

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    Warming Trend

    The variety available via white can be quite surprising. Depending on the undertone, different shades of white can create different looks. In this bedroom, warm off-white walls with yellow undertones mix with crisp white bedding and accessories for subtle contrast. Soft green accents, such as the patterned pillow on the bed and the modern floral print drapes, add a splash of personality to the neutral scheme.

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    White and Bright

    Crisp white walls look clean and simple in this sunny bedroom. The white walls reflect light around the room, and emphasize the unique architecture of the space. Patterned bedding in soft gray and sunny yellow conveys personality. A large woven area rug adds texture and warmth underfoot.

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    Feminine Flair

    Instill a feminine look when using white with ruffles, curvy furniture, and scalloped details. This all-white bedroom benefits from layers of ruffles and wispy fabrics. Antique accessories sprinkled throughout the room echo the traditional style of the furniture and the feminine look of the ruffles.

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    Sunny Escape

    Use white to visually expand the look of a small bedroom. In this bedroom, bright white walls reflect natural light streaming in from the windows, which makes the whole room feel more open and airy. Bold yellow- and navy-patterned accents add personality and texture.

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    Pattern Personality

    Having a white bedroom doesn't have to mean it's a boring bedroom. Here, layers of pattern and texture on the bed add visual interest and subtle contrast. Starting with a canvas of white walls makes it easy to switch out accessories when a new treasure is found.

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    Cottage Comforts

    Emphasize contrasts to prevent an all-white decorating scheme from looking washed out and boring. A paneled wall treatment envelops this bedroom with texture and cottage-inspired style, and contrasts the sleek banks of windows that surround the room. Wispy blue draperies and blue stripes on the bedding provide another layer of texture and a subtle splash of color. While the shift from white to blue is subtle, it's enough to draw attention. Espresso stained floors contrast the layers of white, but continue the traditional cottage style found elsewhere in the room.

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