Real-Life Colorful Bedrooms

Whether you want a bright, cheery bedroom or a simple, calm escape, these real-life bedrooms have it all. Get color inspiration from these spaces for your own perfect retreat.

By Taysha Murtaugh

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Bedroom windows
Contemporary Metallic

    To add restrained color in your bedroom (or any space), look for neutrals that have colorful undertones, such as this purplish gray. Wisteria purple colors the walls, draperies, and lampshade. With a colorful-yet-neutral base established, play with color in the form of accents. A rosy pink afghan and darling patterned throw pillows pop against the cool background, as does dark furniture. A transparent nightstand and lamp complete the elegant, uptown look.

Dare to Be Different

    Take a chance with reupholstering vintage furniture. The dark wood floors and Victorian bed frame in this room set a regal tone, but a surprising hot pink love seat at the foot of the bed gives the space a playful feature.

Fiery Glow

    With a backdrop of stark white, anything goes in terms of colorways. A navy, yellow, and red bedspread brings a cheerful tone to the room. Accessories spread color throughout the bedroom while keeping in step with the bedspread. The painting above the mantel pulls blue and white tones from the spread, while orange sheets enhance the red and yellow.

Textured Walls

    Trade a traditional headboard for a fun paneled wall to add color and interest. The fresh green wall and beautiful exposed brick anchor this youthful room. Choose a white nightstand and light fixtures for contrast. A bedspread containing browns and greens brings the earthy look full circle.

Color Star

    Allow a favorite color to be the star in your bedroom. In this room, a gentle aqua blue colors everything from draperies to furniture to accessories. With such an apparent color star, restrain the rest of your palette to a few restful neutrals. Gray and creamy white play supporting roles in this bedroom, creating a serene sea-inspired space.

Quaint and Feminine

    Throw a colorful woven rug underneath a white bed and neutral walls to quickly liven up a space. Here, the pillows pull color from the rainbow rug underfoot, and the scalloped bedspread completes the whimsical look.

No Boundaries

    In rooms with large windows, invite the colors of nature to come inside and blur the line between indoors and out. Natural wood flooring and a lime-green bedspread pull color from the trees outside, and pops of orange liven up the space.

Colors of the Sea

    In a sea of neutrals, sometimes the smallest details of color can make the largest impact and help carry a theme. Ocean-inspired throw pillows and a blue bedspread add a waterlike hue and pop against a backdrop of sand-color walls. The blue stripe in the rug picks up on the blue tones of the bedding and is reminiscent of a beach towel. Even the pointed headboard seems nautical.

Pretty as a Picture

    For a clever color boost, paint a section of the wall framing your bed. Here, a white headboard pops against the soft lavender paint, while pretty wall art fills the open space. The main bedding pieces are swathed in purple to match the block of color on the wall. Unexpected amber brown and shades of pink provide visual breaks in the sea of purple.

Tray Tricks

    Combine pattern and texture with color to create a decorating trifecta. Here, a French blue comforter-and-sham set not only add color to this bedroom, but the quilted diamond pattern and sueded fabric bring a layer of luxury to the bed, as do green velvet pillows. A damask-pattern duvet at the foot of the bed bears both colors, tying the elements together. For a bedroom that's as unique as it is colorful, allow contrasting colors to appear in unexpected places. Here, four yellow trays with nature motifs find new life as a bold art collage.

Secret Garden

    Most rooms follow a distinct color scheme, but an eclectic collection of color can be an unexpected welcome. Try tying your colors to a theme, and keep main furniture pieces and walls a little more restrained for a look that is chic, not cluttered. This bedroom evokes the look of a garden getaway straight out of the pages of a fairy tale by using romantic shades of green. Accent colors -- the tiger-lily orange pillows and pansy purple blanket -- are inspired by fragrant blossoms and pop against the muted green walls and various floral patterns.

Fresh Green

    Start with the colors in a favorite fabric to create a look you know you'll love. Here, a lime-green bedside table and draperies, as well as a repainted vintage bed frame, take inspiration from the flowery comforter. Light blue walls and throw pillows coordinate nicely with the greens and complete the fresh, bright room.

Bright White

    When paired with dark walls, white furniture can make quite a statement. Here, a white-painted bed frame and white quilt provide a striking and effective contrast against the dark blue walls. Lovely floral throw pillows warm up the bedroom, while a silver-frame mirror contributes a little sparkle and a sense of expanded space.

Complement and Collaborate

    To create a classic look, choose a traditional color scheme that transcends time and trend, such as a sophisticated combination of soft yellow and French blue. Buttery yellow walls serve as the backdrop in this bedroom, while the toile Roman shades and draperies carry the same rich blue from the bedding onto the windows. For a nice dose of contrast, add a few accessories in an unexpected color. Here, a pretty green bolster pillow does the trick.

Young and Fun

    Use color to put a youthful twist on traditional architecture. Here, graphic pink floor-to-ceiling draperies add energy to a white bedroom. Graphic patterned throw pillows link the soft pink blanket with the window treatments. Drape a garland of sparkly glass beads over a plain chandelier for extra glamour and shine.

Make a Statement

    In a bedroom awash in sunny yellows, a repainted antique desk is the statement piece in this traditional country bedroom. The surprising splash of green breaks up the yellow tones, and flower-print valances bring all the colors together.

Pair Dark & Light Colors

    For a modern look that is fresh, not stark, use a color palette restricted to just a few colors. In this thoroughly modern bedroom, chocolate brown and crisp white create the room's basic palette, and sticking to a single accent color -- in this case the lemon yellow -- creates a streamlined look. The window treatments and upholstered headboard don the same brown-and-white graphic lattice fabric, and a dark wall provides the perfect backdrop for brightly matted photographs.

Cozy and Fun

    Swap out basic walls for bright, cheery ones that add architectural interest. Here, a white bed and nightstand pop against the textured green wall, while delicate touches of yellow, red, and blue complete the happy palette. To get this look, beaded board was cut into squares on a diagonal and mounted to the wall, then framed with wood trim pieces.

Dash of Drama

    Amid a bevy of colors, sharp black accents cause you to sit up and take notice. Here, a striking black headboard and chandelier take center stage and bring deliberate drama to this sky blue setting. Create your own glossy black accents by giving mirror frames, lamps, and side tables a few coats of shiny black spray paint. To bring drama to a space, mix elaborate patterns with feminine touches of pink and red.

Seaside Resort

    Sail away to your very own beach house haven by combining airy blues, greens, and yellows. A crisp white duvet and armoire stand out against the light yellow walls. Several wicker beach baskets and a montage of beach memories in distressed frames contribute to the casual summer feel of the room.

Simple Touches

    To add splashes of color to a white room, use colorful furniture. This light turquoise bed frame is the statement piece in this bedroom, and other color choices, from the cheerful bedding to the artwork, reflect its hue. In a soothing, yet playful room like this one, introduce accent colors that are variations on the room's featured color. In this space, celadon green shams and a green crystal light fixture pick up on the green tones in the turquoise.

Just Peachy

    Calm neutrals and warm pinks mingle easily in this girlish bedroom. Using variations of the same color family adds depth and interest to a space. When decorating with pink, add doses of white and a prominent neutral to balance the sweetness of pink. Look for neutrals that have pink undertones, such as this putty-color paint on the walls.

Find a Balance

    When one color is prominent in a room, use other bold colors and patterns throughout to strike a balanced chord. White cabinetry frames the bed and breaks up this mostly green room. The striking red table at the foot of the bed separates the green carpet from the green bed, and a mixture of throw pillows jazzes up the style.

Bold and Bright

    When paired with dark wood floors, pastels can pack quite a punch. In this room, feminine lilac walls, dark flooring, and a woven rug combine for cozy cottage appeal. An apple-green table and bubblegum-pink pillows make unlikely but lovely accents.

Shine So Bright

    This sunny space takes inspiration from nature. The branchy wallpaper and floral bedding create a whimsical haven, and three sun-shape mirrors serve as a focal point. Subtle splashes of orange and white continue the energetic color scheme but ensure that yellow doesn't overwhelm the space.

Start with the Bedding

    Keep your walls muted and let your bedding do all the talking. Here, the walls pull a gray color from the groovy patterned quilt. Pillows with bold colors and contrasting patterns spice up the space, while white trim and a shag rug neatly frame the room.

Get Inspired

    Let the often-overlooked floor determine the color scheme of your bedroom. The colors in the checked rug served as the inspiration for this modern bedroom. Deep gray walls mimic a square from the rug, and olive green curtains pull from another. Some throw pillows and a blanket add more geometric patterns, and a few red accessories attract the eye.

Cozy and Crisp

    Cozy yellow wallpaper and crisp white linens give this farmhouse bedroom its divine simplicity. The natural wood flooring and nightstand create a dreamy contrast with the white bed, while elements of yellow on each surface tie the room together. For inexpensive artwork, hang a serving tray or two above the nightstand.

One-Hue Wonder

    The panache in this bedroom comes from the monochromatic color scheme. A skirted slipper chair picks out the blue tones within the plaid bed skirt and flowered curtains. A headboard in the same color serves as the perfect focal point.

Earthy Escape

    Pair vibrant purple with natural elements like bamboo shades and a beaded chandelier to create a peaceful oasis. Unique throw pillows reiterate the brown tones, and an old glass jug finds new life as a charming bedside lamp.

Blue Backdrop

    Create a backdrop to display dark furniture, bright pillows, and shiny accessories by painting your bedroom walls to match a solid quilt. In this room, a dark headboard and pink pillows stand out among a sea of powder blue, and a convex sun-shape mirror adds an element of shine and space.

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