Popular in Bedroom Color Schemes

Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Choose a paint color for your bedroom that will set the right mood. Here are suggestions for palettes that will have you nodding off happily.


Unlike living spaces, which typically reflect color trends in accessories and artwork, bedrooms can be a place to try out hot hues on the walls. Give thought, however, to how an of-the-moment palette would suit a bedroom. The resurgence of the 1980s neon brights, for example, would make for an interesting sleeping space if you splashed them across the walls. On the other hand, the uber-popular combination of dove gray and pink is perfect for a soothing room. For other ideas of current combinations, look to fashion. What appears on runways and clothing stores is quickly translated to home goods and bedding.


While trends come and go (sometimes as quickly as one season to the next), classic color combinations remain steadfast. The iconic pairing of blue and yellow, for example, works in almost any rendition (cornflower and daisy, navy and brass). Butter yellow walls with a sky blue ceiling would be a way to express this palette in paint. Another example of a successful combo is red and green. The timeless pairings of cranberry and pine, coral and mint, and cherry and lime work together seamlessly. Look up a color wheel online and check the colors that oppose each other on the circle for other natural teams.


Neutral paint colors in a bedroom are popular for a reason. Creamy white walls let you play with any color combination in your bedding and accessories. They also have a soothing, recessive quality, which is helpful in a room where you want to relax. Neutrals don't have to be boring, however. Texture is a way to give ivory, taupe, gray, or tan a boost. Choose a glossy paint or add a paint finish that is shimmery or opalescent. You can also use contrast to add interest to a neutral scheme: Paint the walls cappuccino brown and the trimwork a pale café au lait, for example, or put dove gray on the walls and choose dark charcoal carpeting.


A clean, clear, and bright paint color can be an invigorating shade in a bedroom. If the space doesn't have much natural light, turquoise blue or jade green can give it energy. If the room is flooded with light, a cheerful jonquil yellow will really sing in the morning rays. To find a bright hue, look for paint chips that are not influenced by brown or red. If you aren't sure, hold them against a white piece of paper. Array several chips together, and the brown- or red-tinged ones will look muddy.


When someone asks you how you'd like your room to feel, do you answer, "Like a spa"? Then you're in good company. It's the most popular description of bedroom decor right now. To achieve the look of a spa, emulate one. It's that simple. Visit one and take in the paint colors they use to create the soothing, pampering environment. Some spas make use of dark shades to create cozy confines. Some create open, airy environments with layers of cloudy whites. Still others make use of watery blues and greens. Anything is fair game as long as you feel relaxed.


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