Bedroom Color Ideas: Neutral-Color Bedrooms

Bedrooms are a major part of every household, and neutral tones can be the perfect start to their decor. Find ideas here about how to make your bedroom a unique blend of patterns and designs for the look you always dreamed of.

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Neutral Bedroom
Prints to Liven the Bedroom

    Neutral colors in the bedroom don't necessary mean boring--the right moves with neutral colors can fill your bedroom with flair. Here, creamy walls are finished with a design of diamond shapes. An ornate printed rug below brings texture to the room, contrasting with the light-toned and smooth feel of the bedding. Create a similar look in your home by contrasting textures and matching hues.

Sleek Neutrality

    For a clean bedroom look, neutral colors are a sure bet. This bedroom's tones of gray and brown combine with the clean lines and symmetry of the furnishings for a grand appeal. Simple wall hangings add to the sleek décor. Hardwood floors can be an excellent choice, as the color meshes well with the neutrality of the remainder of the room.

Contemporary Style with Neutral Colors

    Neutral colors often bode well for contemporary bedroom designs. The patterned carpet adds a touch of character to the room, while the creamy walls blend beautifully with the sleek bedding. Light browns dot the bedroom décor in the form of the bedside tables and headboard.

Patterns to Add to Your Bedroom Decor

    One of the great things about a neutral base for the bedroom is that texture can add a beautiful touch to the room. Here, the fun comforter blends beautifully with the throw pillows on the bed and the detailed rug below. Neutral colors, such as these gray hues, make a perfect backdrop for a plethora of fun designs and patterns that bring life to your bedroom.

Match Patterns Throughout the Bedroom

    Geometry can play a major role in a neutral bedroom where colors aren't the focal point. Squares and rectangles create the base of this bedroom. The rectangular bed, brick wall, and square wall hangings and windows all work together to add to the décor.

Style Through the Walls

    One way to bring your own unique style to a neutral bedroom is through the walls. Here, a damask pattern covers the walls to bring texture to the room. The plush bedding is welcoming after a long day, and the white comforter meshes perfectly with the creamy hues found on the walls. Be sure that the colors blend with one another by adding throw pillows or other small details that match the color of the walls.

Neutral Colors with Contrast

    Using neutral colors doesn't mean you still can't make a bold design statement. Here, brown tones cover the room, but the crisp white and chocolate brown of the bedding is an excellent contrast. Patterns on the walls and the upholstered bench at the end of the bed add both texture and character.

Four-Poster Bed as Focal Point

    Add style and character to your neutral bedroom with a dramatic bed. This West Indian-style four-poster brings an element of fun to the room with a beautiful dark brown stain. The bed is the focal point of the room.

Toile Pattern for Country Appeal

    Toile patterns are an excellent way to bring texture to a neutral bedroom. Toile fabric is found throughout this room, bringing a dash of country style. Hardwood floors blend beautifully with the wooden bed frame, while neutral colors found on the walls provide the perfect backdrop for the toile patterns.

Creamy Colors for an Inviting Air

    Clean lines and creamy hues can be an ideal backdrop for a master bedroom. Here, the four-post bed is plush and inviting after a long day at work. A design on bedside tables and dressers—such as the floral pattern in this bedroom—is a unique way to add style and texture. The creamy, smooth lines and textures found throughout the rest of the room create an inviting atmosphere.

Bamboo Bed Adds a Dramatic Effect

    For a neutral-color room, adding style and texture is important. Here, the fun four-poster bed adds texture through the bamboo posts and becomes the focal point of the room. The light gray color on the walls blends perfectly with the clean white bedding and charcoal window treatments to bring the room together.

Neutral with a Splash of Color

    With a neutral backdrop, adding a splash of color is simple and fun. Here, creamy hues are found on the walls, while red accents bring character to the room. The neutral backdrop makes it easy to change the dark red to a different color should a growing teen decide they want something else. Simple wall hangings add character and blend beautifully with the color scheme.

Bohemian Style with Neutral Colors

    Neutral does not have to mean dull or boring. The neutral colors of this bedroom provide an ideal backdrop for the Bohemian French bedroom design. The modern-style bed is adorned with a veil of fabric that forms the crown. The print contributes texture that works perfectly with the patterned comforter. Gently hued wall color provides an ideal background for the prints.

Chestnut Furnishings for Classic Elegance

    Patterned window treatments can be a perfect way to add texture to the neutral colors of your bedroom. Here, dark brown tones blend beautifully with the lighter hues found on the walls and bedding. The chestnut colors create an elegant contrast, while the curtains reveal oversize windows.

Traditional Bedroom with a Splash of Color

    Add an accent color to your otherwise neutral bedroom for character and a personal touch. Here, splashes of dark red adorn the bedding, and an ornate area rug below brings texture to the room. The elegant bedding creates a traditional look for the room, while the patterned rug and upholstered chairs add to the décor.

Exude Elegance with Perfect Furnishings

    Grand appeal is easy with a neutral color scheme. In this bedroom, an old-fashioned chest of drawers, a toile-covered sofa, and detailed wallpaper combine to create an Old World look. The white bedding and neutral colors of the walls and carpeting create a beautiful background for the furnishings, while the brilliant chandelier adds yet another grand touch.

Ivory Hues for a Quiet Elegance

    Various shades of cream are an excellent color scheme for a neutral bedroom. Hardwood floors and dark bedside tables add a touch of contrast to the walls and bedding. Personal touches, such as the frames on either side of this bed, add style and a unique appeal. Add texture with a simple pattern on the floors.

18th-Century Style in the Bedroom

    Create an 18th-century appeal in your master bedroom with the combination of neutral colors, woodcarvings, and Old World décor. The ornate detail on the headboard adds interest. Crisp white walls and bedding, along with the elegant French desk, give the room a light and airy ambience.

Gentle Tones for a Luminous Appeal

    Soft tones make for an inviting bedroom. White linen sheers add to the dreamy quality of this room and blend beautifully with the window treatments. A tiled floor adds pattern and a personal touch.

Patterns for a French Countryside Bedroom Retreat

    Textures and patterns can make or break a neutral bedroom. Create a warm and welcoming country French retreat by repeating specific patterns. The checkered blue-and-white design on the bed and curtains brings continuity to the room and typifies the French style. Creamy colors on the walls are paired with light wood accents to bring the room together. The softly textured walls and patterned pillows and bedding add the perfect touch of character and texture.

Match the Bed with the Color Scheme

    An outstanding bed turns a good bedroom into a great bedroom. When choosing a bed, make sure to pick one that matches both the room's style and your own personal needs. Here, the dark brown posts make an elegant contrast with the light walls and carpeting. Paired with a chocolate brown chest of drawers, the room looks both finished and inviting.

Neutral Tones with Mahogany Contrasts

    Dark-hued wood paired with neutral walls and textiles delivers a lively scheme. Here, the bed strikes a dramatic outline against a pale backdrop. Adorned with fun wall hangings along with patterned window treatments that match the bed skirt, the bedroom becomes a warm and welcoming retreat after a long day at the office.

Add Drama with Drapes

    Create cozy allure by draping a four-poster bed frame with luxurious curtain panels. Golden hues are used throughout the bedroom for continuity, and an antique coverlet adds texture.

Plush Decor with Neutral Tones

    Create a romantic ambience with neutral colors and comfortable bedding. The billowing table skirt in this room blends perfectly with the bed skirt, and plush bedding with comfy pillows offers an inviting place to relax. The neutral tones and rich fabric give the room a refined appeal that is both beautiful and comfortable.

French Ambience with Ornate Details

    One of the great things about neutral tones in the bedroom is their timelessness. Here, the light blue on the wall is elegantly contrasted with brown and creamy hues found on the bedding and other furnishings. Throw pillows on the couch combine with the window treatments and ornately detailed chest of drawers to create a French ambience that is beautiful and welcoming.

Tie It Together with Texture

    Sleek lines and simple décor combined with neutral colors create a modern look. Here, the sofa complements the low bed and offers ample seating. The unique mix of textures brings character to the room and keeps it from becoming too boring. The combination of suede, concrete, and light and dark wood give the room a perfect blend of interesting textures.

Inspiration from Sleek Wooden Floors

    Beautifully finished wood floors can set the tone for a bedroom's décor. The sleek floors in this bedroom are paired with a wooden bed to bring continuity to the room. Modern furnishings add to the contemporary appeal, while sliding French doors allow ample amount of light to bounce off the chic flooring. The creamy tones of the walls are the perfect backdrop for the sleek wooden accents and white bedding. Add a splash of color with fun throw pillows.

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