Neutral Bedrooms

These sleek bedrooms have soothing neutral palettes and simple, uncluttered style.

By Heather Sheraden

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bed with three big ivory pillows
Modern Neutrality

    Matching furniture pieces create a cohesive presentation in this room's interior. Simple beige bedding matches the upholstered headboard and footboard, while the muted blue artwork takes the spotlight.

    What We Love: Large square chair cushions are perfect when you want a more modern look in your bedroom.

Open Space

    With a wall of windows this room has plenty of natural light. Clean contemporary lines are inviting and not overwhelming. To complete the look, subtle pops of color were added through the accessories.

    What We Love: Lime green accents are an unexpected accessory choice in a neutral bedroom.

Sophisticated Space

    This room makes great use of a sophisticated headboard and partition wall combo. It extends beyond the bed to wrap around the bedside table, making the bed area very cozy and welcoming. The partition wall is defined even more by oversize pillows that lean against it for scale.

    What We Love: If your bedroom is more of a haven than just a place to sleep, then a loveseat at the end of the bed is a great addition. Cozy up with your favorite read or take a midday nap.

New England Elegance

    Dark wood and black accents are softened by classic and comforting patterns and neutral shades. Sheer patterned panels extend a calming effect over the bedroom.

    What We Love: Give your room a feminine flair with a collage of framed dried flowers above the bed.

Simply Stunning

    The bed is the focal point of this room. Set perfectly between two tall windows, its elegance draws you in. Warm walls behind the bed invite you into the space and provide a great backdrop for neutral accessories. At the foot of the bed, a beautiful wooden study table tops off the room's look.

    What We Love: Even the accessories in this room keep a neutral theme. Neutral accessories are great because they won't take away from the room's main focal point and they will complement almost any design change.

Warm and Natural

    This bedroom decorated in neutral beige tones is complemented by modern, dark-wood furnishings. Dark wood is a popular option in neutral rooms because it acts as an anchor when mixed with other neutral colors. One simple pillow in the middle of the bed helps to tie the room's palette together.

    What We Love: Add personality to a room quickly by installing decorative interior windows that you can find at salvage shops or antique stores.

Pretty Patterns

    When mixing patterns it's important to have a common thread to pull everything together. In this room the mixing of prints within the same color grouping combines to form a cohesive design. Mixing patterns can also work well when you pay attention to scale. Combine patterns that come in a variety of dimensions for the best effect.

    What We Love: Oriental rugs add a lot of character to rooms. If you have a lot of patterns in the room already, stick to one with muted tones and a smaller pattern.

Neutral Guest Bedroom

    This monochromatic room is bursting with understated elegance. The warm and cool tones of yellow harmonize to create a crisp and classic space that will keep in style throughout the years.

    What We Love: A low-hanging beaded chandelier works well in place of a based lamp. The small crystals will look beautiful when lit up at night and be equally as stunning during the day.

Storage Galore

    Don't be afraid of using multiple shades of one color in a single room. With a neutral color scheme, colors can be used to create a focal point or simply make the room more welcoming. This simple white color scheme with pops of green maintains a clean and fresh look.

    What We Love: This room has storage from floor to ceiling, literally! Built-in underbed storage and floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets and drawers hide away all personal belongings, allowing the room to look even more spacious.

Beachy Breeze

    With a view like this, it only makes sense that the space inside should be just as beautiful. The color palette matches the sand outside. Light walls help to reflect all the light pouring in and a sliding door wall brings the beachy breeze inside.

    What We Love: Bare windows allow natural sunlight to pour in and make the space more airy. If you are concerned about privacy, add sheer panels that can be drawn back to show off the view.

Beige Beauty

    Using tone-on-tone walls and window panels to add contrast can make a large room appear more intimate and cozy. To help dress up this neutral setting, oversize pillows with a simple pattern and texture were added to the bed and the chaise.

    What We Love: A pleated drawback canopy turns this traditional space into a romantic getaway in seconds. To get the look, find panels in a color that fits your scheme and loop them through the rods. You'll need several panels to create the pleated look.

Simple Comfort

    Cozy and fluffy, this is one bed you could disappear in for days. Neutral, clean colors invite you into the space while a very fluffy down comforter calls your name. Large pillows are used to scale down the oversize headboard.

    What We Love: Everything in this room is oversize. If you have a high bed like this one, a dresser can be a wise replacement to bedside tables. They are taller and will help make the room look to scale.

Stylish Serenity

    This room combines feminine furniture and accessories with a color palette that is neutral and subdued. For additional elegance, rich gold accents are found in carefully selected accessories throughout the room.

    What We Love: If you don't have a closet or have run out of room in the one you do have, an armoire is the perfect solution. They are elegant and spacious, and can be a great focal point for any room.

Sheerly White Canopy

    Surrounded in sheer white curtains, this bed feels cozy and airy at the same time. The panels are bordered in lengths of white satin, adding a bit of glamour and glow. Dark wood tones are the only other colors in the space, creating a serene getaway.

    What We Love: When choosing all-white bedding, mix and match different textures to add some dimension.

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