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Decorate your living room using ideas from our favorite spaces. Browse photos of living rooms to discover new decor ideas, fresh color schemes, and smart furniture arrangements. Then start creating a living room that suits your needs, whether you want a calming space to relax, a room to have fun with family, a well-appointed space for entertaining, or a space that serves a combination of activities. From the grandest living rooms to the most intimate family rooms, you'll find looks in every decorating style: traditional and classic, modern and fun, cottage and sweet, plus ideas for Tuscan, country French, and eclectic living rooms. Discover ways to bring color into your living room, and find rooms and color schemes starring your favorite colors, including green, blue, red, and beyond. Plus, get ideas on how to pull a room together and how to choose furniture, colors, accessories, window treatments, and flooring that will come together to create a beautiful room that you'll love to spend time in. Living room decorating is easy when you draw inspiration from our favorite spaces.

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Neutral Bedroom Decorating Ideas

These neutral bedrooms feature sleek details and simple, uncluttered style that looks anything but boring.


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    • Gray at Play

      Gray is the name of the game in this neutral bedroom. But rather than looking harsh, the cool gray walls get cozied up with warm wood flooring and framing around the French doors and interior windowpane.

      What we love: Pops of blue introduced throughout the room, such as the large patterned area rug and the dreamy bed linens, add visual interest while complementing the hue of the walls.

    • Monochromatic Character

      This monochromatic room is bursting with understated elegance. The cool beige wall color harmonizes with warmer tones featured in the wispy window draperies and various accessories throughout the room. Patterned pillows and textured bed linens jazz up the neutral motif and prevent it from falling flat.

      What we love: A strip of trim hung just above the headboard creates display space for artwork. A series of birds' egg prints blends with the gently weathered character of this bedroom. 

    • Beach-Inspired Neutrals

      Sandy beige walls are the perfect complement to subtle beachy accents in this master bedroom. Sea life-topped glass bottles displayed on the dresser lend a hint of natural texture. A striped window seat cushion recalls the motif often found on a beach umbrella.

      What we love: Oriental rugs add plenty of character to neutral rooms. This rug not only provides warmth underfoot, but also adds a splash of pattern and color to this bedroom's neutral palette.

    • Blank Canvas

      White walls and flooring look anything but cold in this bedroom. Bold patterned bedding and pillows draw attention to the bed, emphasizing the stunning bank of windows behind it. The crisp white color of the walls also draws attention to the room's soaring vaulted ceiling.

      What we love: Similar to an artist's canvas, these blank walls simply call out for colorful accessories. And one of the greatest advantages to decorating with white is that it allows you to switch your decor often.

    • Roomy Neutral Bedroom

      From the stunning bank of windows to the cushy chaise, everything about this neutral room screams larger-than-life. To complement the height of the bed, two small dressers were repurposed for use as nightstands, offering extra storage and display space for accessories.

      What we love: Master bedrooms with vaulted ceilings can sometimes seem cavernous. Dark furniture, set against neutral walls and textures, helps to ground the space.

    • Pattern at Play

      A modern alternative to beige or white, gray is becoming the neutral of choice for many designers. Soft gray walls offer the perfect backdrop for a playful mix of pattern and texture in this neutral bedroom. Take a cue from this space and run wild with a variety of patterns in your own bedroom, making sure to keep a consistent color palette throughout.

      What we love: A sun-drenched window seat transforms this bedroom from merely a sleeping space into a calming oasis. With abundant natural light, the area offers the perfect spot to cozy up with a good book or for an afternoon nap.

    • Center Stage

       A monochromatic color scheme sets a sophisticated tone, and when that single color is a soft neutral, such as the soft gray that colors this room, it also layers in an aura of serenity.  While a monochromatic scheme sticks to one color, other tones are crucial. Look to foundational elements, such as the flooring and trimwork as places to pick up these extra tones. In this space, a dark wood bench at the foot of the bed echoes the tone of the wood floors and white bedding coordinates with the white trim.

      What we love: A modern chandelier adds personality to this neutral space. The dark color adds visual weight and draws the eye upward to the vaulted ceiling.

    • Eclectic Neutrality

      An eclectic mix of furniture and accessories creates a casual vibe in this bedroom. A dainty nightstand painted the same color as the walls blends into the background, allowing the almost-black finish on the four-poster bed to truly shine. The blue, beige, and gold area rug proves that a little bit of color won't disturb the serenity of a neutral bedroom.

      What we love: A wide variety of neutral tones -- ranging from gray to weathered black to mahogany -- gives the room a collected-over-time look.

    • Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

      Paneled walls and a beaded-board ceiling create a cozy farmhouse-inspired look is it in an old farmhouse or just attempting the look? in this guest bedroom. White paneling that extends almost all the way up the wall draws attention to the room's unique sloped ceiling. Meanwhile, thick planks and beams add subtle texture to the ceiling, which prevent the tall room from looking stark and cold.

      What we love: White modernizes this bedroom but quaint accents return the room to its farmhouse roots, creating a look that blends both sleek and rustic.

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      Neutral Oasis

      Soft details and dainty furniture set off a feminine vibe in this sunny bedroom. A light wood bed frame, white-painted nightstands, neutral bed linens, and a cushy white rug create a clean and inviting look. Mirrors hung behind the two end tables reflect natural light and bounce it off of the barely-there wall color and neutral accessories.

      What we love: Take a cue from this bedroom and incorporate subtle details to add contrast and character. Here, two ornate table lamps sit atop the nightstands and add a dash of bold color and pattern.

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      Serene Dreams

      Turn your bedroom into a spalike oasis using dreamy, neutral decor. Here, light beige walls and simple white bedding lend a soft background that allows the cushy, fabric-covered headboard to truly shine.

      What we love: A tiny painting hung above the statement-making headboard creates a unique size juxtaposition that draws further attention toward the bed.

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      Feminine Chic

      This bedroom's warm, off-white walls are the perfect backdrop for dark wood furnishings and bright floral accents. Dark wood furniture is a popular option in neutral rooms because it acts as an anchor when paired with other neutral colors.

      What we love: Floral-patterned items -- such as the throw pillows and window draperies -- and shimmering gold accent pieces -- such as the mirrored table lamp -- lend an undeniable feminine edge to this neutral space.

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      Focal Point Headboard

      This room creatively makes use of a sturdy built-in as a headboard. Open shelving serves as display space for accessories as well as storage space for books and magazines. The recessed portions of the built-in were painted gray to provide contrast that calls attention to the collection of decor.

      What we love: Two lamps suspended from the built-in lend light for a before-bed read and reduce the need for nightstands. Since the built-in takes up so much wall space, electrical outlets were placed along the bottom shelves to add functionality.

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      Open Space

      A wall of windows and access to a patio ensure this bright room is never short on natural light. Classically styled furniture echoes the cozy cottage character of the room, while dark wood finishes add contrast to white walls and neutral linens. A soft botanical fabric featured on throw pillows and window treatments add a dash of pattern to this mostly white space.

      What we love: Paneled walls and a beaded-board ceiling add texture that prevents this neutral space from looking stark and cold.

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      Endless Views

      With a stunning view like this one, it's only natural that this bedroom should be just as beautiful. A bounty of windows allows natural light to stream in from almost every angle. The sitting area transforms the room from a sleeping space to a livable escape.

      What we love: A sliding glass door allows beachy breezes to stream in from the outside. Thick draperies and window treatments ensure the ocean views can easily be enjoyed or concealed.

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      Matching furniture pieces create a cohesive look in this white bedroom. Crisp white bedding lends itself to an array of design styles and decorating motifs. A grid of six tiny canvases hung above the low-key headboard pops against the bright white walls and provides color inspiration for the room's decor.

      What we love: Dark wood furniture and flooring anchor this bedroom and prevent the modern decor from looking harsh and cold.

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