Bedroom Color Ideas: Bright Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your own personal retreat. Find ideas here to brighten your bedroom with comfort and style.

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Blue and Orange for a Fun Contrast

    A bright mix of colors is an excellent way to liven up your bedroom. This contrast of bright orange and blue brings life to the otherwise-ordinary bedroom. Keeping the major elements of the room a cool blue allows it to remain serene and comforting, while the splash of orange brings a fun surprise. Fun patterns and prints add to the lively décor.

High Contrast for a Bright Room

    Blending different materials in a bright bedroom brings even more detail to the forefront. Ample lighting paired with light hardwood floors and welcoming white bedding makes the room pop. Darker chocolate brown colors create contrast.

Inspiration from Hardwood Floors

    Similar hues and different washes bring a bright element as well as contrast to this contemporary bedroom. The hardwood floors and wooden furniture act as the base color. Light orange provides an excellent match in this room. To duplicate this look, start with a base color in your room, and then find similar colors to offset.

Mix Patterns for A Fun Personal Touch

    Create a fun and unique look in your bedroom with a plethora of different patterns. This bedroom pops with a multitude of throw pillows--all with different patterns--as well as contrasting patterns on the window treatments, wallpaper, and wall hangings.

A Splash of Fun

    Vintage pillows top the coral velvet settee that sits at the base of this bed. The cool hues of the bed and walls make the area serene and relaxing, but the fun settee adds a burst of color to bring a spark to the room. Bring life to your own bedroom by finding the perfect contrast between bright and relaxing colors.

Color the Walls

    Bright lights and walls can form the basis of a beautiful bedroom. Here, pink brings a sparkle to the walls, patterned pillows and window treatments bring texture to the room, and the plush white bedding looks enticing and welcoming after a long day. Brighten your room with a fun wall color. If covering the whole space seems a bit daunting, consider painting just one wall, to make it the focal point of the room.

European-Style Brightness

    Create a European-style room with a classic four-poster bed finished with a checkered bed skirt and toile patterned pillows. Toile window treatments and table skirts add to the décor in this room. The cool hues of blue, gold, and white add a calming appeal to the room while keeping it bright and airy.

Soft Yellow For Cottagelike Appeal

    Light colors, such as the soft yellow found throughout this bedroom, bring brightness to any room. This room is finished with patterned bedding that beautifully offsets the wallpaper. The soft colors of white and yellow bring a cottage like appeal to the colorful bedroom. Soft yellow is a perfect choice for a light and airy feel, as it allows sunlight to bounce around the room.

Dreamy Colors for the Bedroom

    Fun patterns are a great way to bring life to your master bedroom. Here, toile patterns cover the bold blue walls. The blue-and-white color scheme creates a dreamy effect that is perfect for the bedroom. Striped patterns on the bed skirt and plush chair in the corner add more texture to the room.

Pretty in Pink

    For a more feminine style, pink is an ideal decorating color. Here, the bright pink is found on the area rug and on the design above the bed, whereas the majority of the room is completed with a creamy color palette. However, the burst of pink on the wall design and on the floor brings a spark of color to the room. Create a similar look in your room with a bright area rug that brings life to the room. Finish the room with more subtle hues.

Deep Red and Crisp White for a Bright Room

    A unique way to bring life and a fun twist to your bedroom is through hanging canvases. Here, the vivid canvas behind the bed has elements of the deep red found on the walls and brings texture to the room. The crisp white bedding bares traces of the red on the walls.

Mix and Match with Color and Pattern

    Mixing both patterns and colors can create a beautiful bedroom that you can truly call your own. Find a base color and pattern that you love, and work from there. Here, the headboard's checkered pattern contrasts with the silky smooth walls. Different patterns on the area rug, bedding, and window treatments bring further texture to the room. The light orange walls enliven the room and bring out the soft yellows found throughout the bedroom décor.

Sunlight and Soft Colors For a Bright Bedroom

    Without question, ample lighting brings a bright and airy feel to any room. Here, sunlight dances around the room adorned with plush bedding and furniture. Light colors form the basis of the room, and the canvas behind the bed meshes with the deep red rim around the ceiling.

Antique Appeal in the Bedroom

    Bright colors, floral designs, and antique furnishing combine in this master bedroom to create a royal retreat. Smooth and sleek hardwood floors form the basis for the décor. Striped bedding provides a cool contrast to the floral prints found on the window treatments and seating areas. A fireplace is sure to warm up the room on cold winter nights.

Solid Base Color with Bright Textures

    To keep from having patterns overwhelm your bright bedroom, paint the walls a neutral color that will keep the room from looking too busy. This bedroom's bright blue patterns on the window treatments, bedding, and furnishings have just the right amount of texture. The bright blue brings an airy quality to the room, while the lightly colored walls add a sense of serenity.

Pink Patterns for Colorful Bedrooms

    Smooth stripes and cool checkered patterns make up the texture for this bright and welcoming bedroom. The bright colors stick to one color scheme to ensure that they do not become too overwhelming. A sheer window curtain adorned with a floral pattern adds to the airy appeal of the room by allowing light to enter and bounce around the room.

Clean White for Brightness

    Bright bedrooms do not have to mean a multitude of colors. Here, the simplicity of the crisp white provides a comforting and light feel to the room. Plenty of sunlight drifts through the windows to easily bounce of the clean white bedding and walls. Simple contrasting colors are added through throw pillows, blankets, wall hangings, and hardwood flooring. Create a similar look by using a base color of clean white and adding whichever accent colors you desire.

Tall Windows for Light Appeal

    Liven up your bedroom with an unconventional furniture arrangement that visually expands the space. The tall windows lighten the area and bring an airy quality to the room. Clean white contrasts with chocolate brown on the bedding to bring a beautiful contrast to the area. Creamy walls add to the brightness while meshing perfectly with the color scheme.

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