Bedroom Color Ideas: Blue Bedrooms

Use the naturally soothing quality of the color blue to transform a bedroom into your own personal retreat.

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    Bold Prints

    Striking patterns are an excellent way to bring modern style to your bedroom. The bold blue pattern of the wallpaper and drapery fabric set against the rich brown and white bedding creates a unique, eye-catching look. Keep accessories to a minimum to enhance the modern feel.

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    A Light Touch

    Add style to your bedroom with subtle patterns. Here, the mod floral on the bed frame enlivens the room¿s soft neutrals. Used in moderation, the simple design mixes with muted colors to enhance the space overall.

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    Frame It

    Enliven a subtle color palette with a kick of a contrasting hue. The red-painted bed frame in this room stands out against the softer blue tones of the bedding, walls, and draperies. The bold color also gives the vintage bed an updated vibe. Framed postcards hung above the headboard are a simple way to add an art element to the wall.

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    Mixing Patterns

    A soft, dusky blue repeats in different fabrics, including the rug, throughout the room to add variety and interest to an otherwise neutral palette. The striped walls are a subtle contrast that blends in with the rest of the patterns. If you¿re using several patterns, vary the size and complexity, but you¿d be wise to stay away from more than one bold print to prevent clashing

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    The Classic

    Blue and white is a classic color combination that brings a warm comfort to any bedroom. The blue paisley curtains and bed skirt contrast nicely with the creamy white comforter. The striped cotton rugs add a casual cottage feel to the room. Another color option plays out overhead: The planked ceiling is painted a soft sky blue.

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    A Peaceful Place

    If you¿re looking to do blue in your bedroom but want a little variety, try teal. The rich tone has a twinge a green, giving basic blue an eye-catching variation. In this bedroom, a soothing palette of soft teals, blue-grays, and browns brings a feeling of serenity. Add a focal point such as the mirror above the bed to attract the eye. The warm brown walls pair with the cooler blue tones to create an inviting personal retreat.

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    Great Lengths

    Add style and sophistication to a bedroom with flowing bed curtains. In the same color as the wall, the curtains here are a subtle addition; the pink zigzag lining adds dimension and contrast. To make a statement, choose curtains in a contrasting color.

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    Balancing Act

    Keep darker, muted blues from becoming dreary by balancing them with lighter colors. The darker shade of blue used on the walls adds elegance to this master bedroom. The large cream-color area rug and white bedding keep the room feeling open and airy despite the walls¿ rich shade.

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    Accent with Color

    Add a spark of interest to your room with a bright accent color that complements the shade of blue. The soft yellow accents and painted ceiling give this blue room a fun and unique appeal. Patterned bed pillows and upholstered chairs bring texture to the room, while the red area rug ties the elements together.

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    Timeless Aqua

    Keep a child¿s bedroom airy and light with soft, watery blues. These tones help create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Here, smooth walls and clean white bedding contrast the bouncy ruffles of the window treatments -- a sophisticated style that¿s adaptable for a growing child.

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    Center of Attention

    Tiffany-box blue adds style to any bedroom. Here, the color is applied to the walls and envelopes a glamour-filled room with elegant softness. Standing in chic contrast to the soft walls, the curvaceous headboard commands attention. The solid-color comforter also accentuates the eye-catching focal point. The large chandelier and symmetry of the furniture arrangement allow the unique headboard to dominate the room.

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    Repeat for Emphasis

    Although this room is mostly cream, it¿s the blue pattern that draws attention. Using the same print throughout the room multiplies the impact and creates unity. Here, the pattern used for the pillows is also found on the window shade and draperies, giving the room an all-over blue accent.

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    Statement Color

    Don¿t be afraid to go bold with bright blue paint. If you paint all the walls a dominant color such as this, add balance with a lighter-color bedspread and flooring. The large window trimmed in white helps maximize the light. Simple accessories and a plain window shade allow the bold blue to hold court.

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    Regal Retreat

    Walls painted a soothing spa blue create the perfect backdrop for the elegant elements of this bedroom. The stately fireplace, floor-length curtains, and large mirror add to the air of elegance. A fluffy down comforter and padded headboard keep the bedroom comfy.

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    Partners in Pretty

    Think of subtle contrast as a way to add interest to a room. The pale lilac walls in this bedroom create just enough contrast for the aqua blue accents -- the weathered shutters that decorate the wall and three pretty pillows on the bed. The lilac stripe on the large pillow in front accents the contrast.

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    Modern with Mahogany

    Mahogany bedroom furniture can be an ideal choice as a contrast to blue decor. The dark furnishings bring a quiet elegance to the room while the blue accents add a playful element. The geometry of the bedcover plays up the details on the headboard and nightstand.

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    His and Hers

    A blue-and-brown color scheme is the perfect backdrop to a gender-neutral space that¿s relaxing and inviting. The combination lends itself well to the mixing of soft and strong elements, such as floral artwork with matchstick blinds. These colors form an easy grouping that plays out well in a wide variety of shades.

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    Heavenly Hue

    The color blue always brings to mind thoughts of the sky. When used on a high ceiling, a light shade of blue will make your walls feel like they open to the sky. The wicker bench adds to the outdoorsy feeling of the bedroom.

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