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Color introduces personality wherever it goes, and the bedroom is no exception. Infuse your bedroom with fresh color to give it a style boost. Read our best tips and expert advice for choosing bedroom paint colors, plus learn how to put together the perfect color scheme and combine the right colors of paint, bedding, pillows, accessories, floors, and furniture with ease. Take the guesswork out of choosing paint colors for a bedroom with My Color Finder, where you can try out paint colors without even picking up a brush. Whether you prefer a cool blue space, an earthy green bedroom, or a warm space in a shade such as yellow, orange, red, or pink, or if you like unique colors such as rich purple, electric green, or whatever hue is the latest trend, you'll find plenty of inspiration in our gallery of colorful bedroom photos. If you're looking to create a space that soothes, browse our best neutral bedrooms that combine different shades with texture, unique furniture, and pretty accessories to create a beautiful bedroom that is anything but boring.


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