Quick & Easy Vegetarian Dinners

Move hearty and rewarding vegetables to main-dish status with our collection of easy meatless meals. With vegetarian recipes for pasta, pizza, soup, and sandwiches, these simple dishes transition from stove top to table in less than 40 minutes.

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    Pinto Bean Burgers

    Opt for canned pinto beans as a speedy and cost-conscious meatless protein source. Seasoned with cumin, salsa, and chili powder, the pureed beans make a fast and flavorful burger alternative.


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    Pizza Primavera

    Save time by skipping the homemade crust and using whole wheat flatbreads to hold your favorite pizza toppings. Two types of cheese -- Pecorino Romano and mozzarella -- bring creamy flavor and protein to the easy entree. 

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    Beans and Greens with Corn Bread Croutons

    Punch up canned white beans with tangy onions cooked in red wine and leafy collard greens. Pop cubes of purchased corn bread into the oven for crisp, golden croutons.

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    Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Pepper Stuffing

    Speed up twice-baked potatoes with the help of your microwave. After quick-cooking, mash the pulp of sweet potatoes with cream cheese, roasted red peppers, and balsamic vinegar before stuffing the fluffy filling back into the shells and broiling until crispy.

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    Peanut-Sauced Veggies and Noodles

    For those nights when you need to pull off a meatless meal in minutes, try this peanut veggie bowl. Watch as we show you how to prepare the easy recipe that utilizes on-hand ingredients and a creamy homemade sauce.

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    Broccoli Rabe over Polenta

    At only 9 calories per cup, broccoli rabe has a long list of health attributes, including high amounts of vitamins A and C and fiber. Complement the bitter green with creamy polenta, bright roasted peppers, and toasty pine nuts.

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    Tuscan Bean Soup

    A hearty vegetarian meal with full-bodied flavor doesn't have to take hours to prepare. Reduce the cooking time of this Italian-seasoned soup with packaged vegetables and canned beans.

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    Spiraled Zucchini and Crispy Potato Salad

    The new noodles aren't pasta at all -- they're curly strips of vegetables, like the zucchini and potato used in this low-calorie salad. Season the swirly ingredients with our tangy Lemon-Rice Vinegar Dressing and serve over fresh cherry tomatoes.

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    Gingered Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup with Chive Cream

    A dash of ground ginger brings out the fresh flavor of sweet potatoes and carrots in this simple soup. Complete the quick vegetarian recipe with a savory puree of cannellini beans, creme fraiche, and chives.

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    Tofu Stir-Fry with Soba Noodles

    Soba noodles, made with buckwheat flour, offer mouthwatering nuttiness to this simple stir-fry. Top them with garlic- and ginger-spiced tofu, as well as spinach and sweet peppers, to supply the meal with protein and fiber.

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    Pasta Primavera with Garden Vegetables

    Take advantage of the latest powerhouse pasta products with this quick-and-lean dinner that features spinach fettuccine. Three types of colorful veggies top the noodles, as well as a simple sauce made with tomatoes, basil, and green onions.

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    Going-Green Vegetable Soup

    Fresh edamame and spinach give this speedy-to-simmer side-dish vegetable soup its gorgeous green hue. Cayenne pepper, fresh ginger, and garlic guarantee a bowlful of healthy satisfaction. 

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    Falafel Patty Melt

    For a new twist on falafel, boost protein-packed bean patties with carrots and peas. After heating on the stove, slide the filling into pita bread with a slice of melty Havarti cheese.

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    Herbed Tofu Cakes

    Top veggie, mint, and cilantro-flavor tofu cakes with cucumber and mango for a light, meat-free appetizer. Or plate yourself a few of the cakes as a vegetarian entree.

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    Arugula Pesto with Spaghetti Squash

    Put a twist on classic pesto by swapping basil for peppery spring arugula. Gina from Skinny Taste shares her recipe for spicy pesto and spaghetti squash.

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    Portobello Fajitas

    Warm tortillas are filled with grilled portobello mushrooms and sweet peppers. Sliced avocado, avocado mayo, salsa verde, cilantro, and lime wedges add zip.

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    Eggplant Parmesan Heros

    Top hoagie buns with eggplant coated in crushed croutons, then layer on marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil for a savory sub.

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    Veggie Grilled Cheese

    For a healthier yet still delicious version of grilled cheese, top whole grain bread with fresh baby spinach, dried tomatoes, mozzarella, and pickled veggies.

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    Black Bean Cakes with Salsa

    Mashed black beans are tossed with a corn muffin mix and salsa, then lightly fried -- creating a hearty meatless meal with a Tex-Mex twist. Chili powder adds a touch of heat to the sour cream topping.

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    Skillet Vegetables on Cheese Toast

    Toast is totally in this year. Take the breakfast staple to dinner with this veggie-packed dish from Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod.

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    Buffalo Cauliflower Florets

    We took the "wing" out of buffalo wings. These crispy cauliflower bites are packed with flavor from cayenne pepper sauce, paprika, and cumin. 

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    Focaccia-Camembert Pizza

    With juicy tomatoes, creamy Camembert cheese, chopped walnuts, and fresh chives, these flatbread pizzas are hard to resist.

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    Spinach Tortellini with Beans and Feta

    For a dinner with pizzazz, toss cheese-filled spinach tortellini (purchased from the supermarket) with garlic-and-herb feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and white beans.

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    Smoky Mushroom Stroganoff

    A creamy mushroom sauce tops eggs noodles in this vegetarian twist on a classic Italian favorite. To serve, sprinkle with fresh parsley.

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    Tomato-Edamame Grilled Cheese

    A garlicky soybean spread and juicy tomatoes take grilled cheese to a new level. The leftover spread is a delicious dip for fresh veggies.

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    Greek Quinoa and Avocados

    Nutty in flavor, quinoa is also high in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, making it a great choice to pair with beans and corn.

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    Fajita-Style Quesadillas

    Transform your favorite fajitas into cheesy quesadillas. Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod shares her secrets for this irresistible melty main dish.

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    Stuffed Poblano Peppers

    Stuffed with farro, veggies, and beans, these South of the Border-inspired peppers are packed with flavor. The filling gets plenty of heat from smoky chipotle peppers and chili powder.

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