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10 Surprising Things to Do with Tofu

A pantry powerhouse, tofu is low in fat, inexpensive, and incredibly versatile. Our collection of creative tofu recipes proves it deserves a place on your table in lightened-up comfort food classics, decadent desserts, and kid-friendly snacks.


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    • Tofu, Reimagined

      Sneak more hunger-fighting protein into your diet with these nifty ways to cook with tofu.

    • #1 Blend into a Smoothie

      This sweet smoothie is hiding something: Between the mixed berries and cranberry-raspberry juice is protein-rich tofu. Forget power lunches, this is power breakfast!

    • #2 Whip with Mashed Potatoes

      Classic comfort food gets a facelift -- tofu does the heavy lifting here (bye-bye, milk and butter). And don't question the flavor: These light-on-fat potatoes feature tangy tomato-basil feta cheese and fresh garlic.

    • #3 Drizzle Over Salad

      Credit the tofu for texture and buttermilk for tang -- you won't even miss bottled salad dressing! Just 10 minutes and this tofu-laden topper is lettuce-ready.

    • #4 Fold into Luscious Pudding

      The sneaky secret to this pudding's decadent, creamy texture? Silky-smooth tofu. But don't worry, all you'll taste in this indulgent, gluten-free dessert is sweet bananas and rich dark chocolate.

    • #5 Add Richness to Soup

      Kick canned soup to the curb! Whip up a creamy and satisfying soup with fresh carrots, tofu, and a few pantry staples.

    • #6 Toss in a Savory Quiche

      Tuck tofu in a quiche with melty cheese, fresh asparagus, and meaty mushrooms. Bonus: No guilt! There are just 6 grams of fat in each serving.

    • #7 Bake into Rich Chocolate Chunk Cookies

      Warning: These moist, chewy cookies are addictive! But thanks to tofu, you can indulge. A healthy swap for butter and oil, tofu holds these chocolate-loaded treats to just 120 calories each.

    • Make Your Own Flavorful Chocolate Chip Cookies

      Once you've mastered our tofu chocolate chunk cookies, you can use the lightened-up dough recipe as the foundation for several delicious variations.

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      #8 Add Protein to Vegetarian Enchiladas

      You won't miss the meat in these zesty vegetarian enchiladas. Thanks to a hearty blend of tofu and mushrooms spiced up with pobablo peppers and smoky cumin, this dinnertime staple is both filling and flavorful.

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      #9 Top Breakfast Pizza

      Look to your pal tofu to make pizza breakfast-appropriate. Fresh veggies and cheese also take center stage in this recipe.

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      #10 Lighten Up Chocolate Tiramisu Filling

      Craving a rich, chocolaty dessert? Dig your spoon into these revamped tiramisu shots. Whipped tofu serves as a seriously delicious stand-in for its high-fat counterpart (we're looking at you, marscapone).

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      Bonus Idea: Grill on Skewers

      This skewer's got sizzle. Grilled to smoky perfection, these Jamaican jerk tofu kabobs will satisfy even the most skeptical meat-lovers.

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