Great Green Bean Recipes

Whether you're scooping up a side of green bean casserole or munching on a crisp green bean salad, green beans add classic flavor, color, and nutrients to your meal. Change up your usual green bean routine with some of our fresh green bean recipes -- you won't be disappointed!

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    Bacon-Topped Green Bean Casserole

    Studded with cremini mushrooms and chopped bacon, our green bean casserole recipe is a hearty upgrade from the classic. Fresh rosemary brings sophisticated flavor to this wholesome favorite.  

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    Roasted Green Beans with Beets, Feta, and Walnuts

    The colorful combination of green beans, tender beets, and savory shallots makes a stunning side dish. Add crunchy walnuts and a sprinkling of salty feta cheese to make this one-pan crowd-pleaser.

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    Potato and Green Bean Salad

    This fresh and filling main-dish salad will be a favorite green bean recipe. With protein-packed eggs, hearty potatoes, and crunchy green beans, this salad is a quick dinner just waiting to happen.

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    Green Beans with Pancetta and Browned Butter

    The rich flavors of pancetta, browned butter, and roasted chestnuts elevate this green bean recipe above the ordinary. Try it alongside beef tenderloin, roast chicken, or grilled salmon.

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    Two-Tone Green Bean Salad with Hazelnuts and Parmesan

    Crispy hazelnuts and shaved Parmesan cheese top this zesty Dijon-spiked bean salad. The colorful blend of green beans and wax beans makes a fun, nutritious alternative to lettuce salad.

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    Make It Your Own: Three-Bean Salad

    Get ready, because your green bean salad is about to be the hit of the potluck. For a modern take on the classic recipe, follow our step-by-step video. A secret: It's all about the green beans.

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    Green Beans with Shallots, Thyme, and Shiitake Mushrooms

    A stunner of a side dish, this snappy green bean recipe is filled with hearty mushrooms and subtle shallots -- the perfect combination! Pair it with mashed potatoes and chicken or turkey for a classic dinner.

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    Green Bean Hobo Pack

    An aluminum foil hobo pack makes cooking this green bean recipe a breeze -- plus it infuses the green beans with the savory goodness of garlic and shallots. Just toss the pack onto the grill, cook, and enjoy.

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    Cheesy Green Beans and Fennel

    For a gourmet twist on green bean casserole, try adding crunchy slices of fennel. Toss in some lemon peel and rich cheeses, and you've got a green bean side dish worthy of a special occasion.

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    Green Bean Salad

    The crunchy combination of fresh green beans and chopped celery in this green bean recipe is refreshing when drizzled with bright lime-and-parsley dressing.

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    Pickled Dilled Green Beans

    Pickling makes a salty, tangy snack of your garden-fresh green beans, and it’s so easy to do. Combine the zing of vinegar with a bold infusion of dill, garlic, and red pepper, and pour it over the beans. Chill the mixture, then snack away!

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    Parsleyed Green Beans

    Two teaspoons of garlic, a pinch of salt, and a dash of pepper make this simple green bean recipe a superstar. We like flat-leaf Italian parsley in this dish for its subtle flavor and smooth mouth feel.

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    Green Bean Casserole

    To top off this classic green bean casserole, try the delicious combination of crispy bread crumbs and tender, sweet onions. They're just as delicious as fried onion rings, but much lower in fat.

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    Green Bean Bake Revisited

    This tangy twist on baked green beans features a bold drizzle of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. Watch out: This green bean casserole is deliciously addictive!

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    Green Beans with Lime

    Crisp green beans go Mediterranean with parsley, rosemary, and a splash of olive oil. Lime juice adds tanginess, and chopped hazelnuts bring on the crunch.

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    Minted French Green Beans

    This green bean recipe features a light combination of haricots verts -- thin, sweet green beans -- and freshly snipped mint. Fresh haricots verts are easy to find April through July, but you can find them frozen year-round.

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    Lemony Green Beans

    These beans are a citrus-laced update on classic buttered beans. In just 20 minutes, sauteed garlic, shallots, and lemon peel come together to make this a green bean recipe to remember.

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