Baked Bean Recipes

Complete your next tailgate, dinner party, or potluck with scrumptious baked beans. The hearty side dish is perfect to share year-round. From light and sweet to bacon-packed, these baked bean recipes have a taste for everyone.

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  • Loaded Barbecue Pork and Beans

    With a splash of bourbon and a slice of Texas toast, these cowboy-approved baked beans are a hearty side. The crisp bacon and tender beef au jus make these beans a stands-up-for-itself companion to any main dish.

  • Five-Bean Bake

    If you're looking to update a classic, this baked bean recipe keeps the traditional ingredients, like molasses and brown sugar, and layers them over five types of beans. With only 20 minutes of prep time, you'll have a quick side for any gathering.

  • Baked White Beans

    We used rosemary and oregano herbs to brighten the flavor of this classic potluck side. Tomato sauce, brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar blend for gorgeous color and that timeless, slightly sweet flavor.

  • Skillet White Beans

    Three kinds of white beans—navy, butter, and garbanzo—give this side a light color and taste that's perfect for summer or fall. Garnish with fresh yellow and red tomatoes for even more appeal.

  • Ranch Beans with Peppered Bacon

    We beefed up a traditional baked bean recipe with rich stout beer, peppered bacon, and fiery jalapeno. Classic seasonings like mustard and Worcestershire make sure this go-to side still tastes like Mom's.

  • How to Cook Bacon

    Bacon adds just the right amount of salt and bite to baked beans. Follow this video to cook bacon perfectly whenever you need it.

  • Boston Baked Beans

    The "Boston" in Boston baked beans comes from the molasses historically made there. True to its heritage, this recipe's navy beans are cooked to tender perfection in a sweet molasses sauce.

  • Baked Beans with Ham

    Smoked Virginia ham is the perfect savory addition to classic baked beans. Serve this recipe with a fresh slaw for a great flavor pairing. The vinegar in the slaw will offset the sweetness of the beans.

  • Sweet-Spicy Baked Beans

    A bottle of your favorite hot salsa is the ticket for a baked bean recipe that combines sweetness with a little heat. Add extra kick by swapping yellow mustard with a spicy brown variety.

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    Best Baked Beans

    What makes these baked beans the best? The super-simple recipe includes adaptations for flavors like barbecue and salsa, plus a slow cooker option.

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    Baked Beans with Bacon

    This delectable bean recipe serves up a double dose of bacon. Half goes in with the beans for a salty, savory flavor, and the other half gets sprinkled on top for a crispy crunch.

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    Baked Butter Beans with Mustard

    Flavored with fragrant rosemary, parsley, and fresh lemon, this recipe offers a light twist on baked beans. The vegetable broth and sour cream mixed in make the beans extra tender.

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    Calico Beans

    This colorful medley combines the flavors and textures of five different beans. And with a little chopped bacon, this baked bean recipe becomes irresistible.

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