Top-Notch Table Decorations

Ideas for Specific Occasions

  • For a garden or yard party, wrap the table surface with burlap, then brown paper. Arrange flowers or vegetable bouquets into produce baskets or miniature watering cans. (If you like, insert seed packets attached to bamboo skewers into the flower or vegetable arrangements). Set candles into clean flowerpots. Use new, clean garden trowels for serving utensils and plant markers inserted into the foods to name the various dishes. Have guests take home seedlings in nursery pots as party favors.
  • For a wedding shower, sprinkle flower petals over the table, then lay tulle over the petals. Cover the chairs with tulle and tie with ribbons in the bride's colors.
  • For Mother's Day, scatter different styles of old-fashioned hats, gloves, and jewelry, as well as flowers, on the table. Tie the flatware together with ribbon and clip on an old-fashioned earring.
  • For graduation, roll up napkins like diplomas and tie with ribbons. And, scatter framed photos of the graduate or at various ages on the table.
  • For a Halloween buffet table, nestle a carved jack-o'-lantern (or a few of various sizes) topped with a bewitching hat on a handful of shredded Mylar. For extra shrieks, place a plastic lizard or frog on the brim.
  • For a fall or Thanksgiving arrangement, use plump kumquats to replace the marbles often used to anchor flower stems in vases. A scattering of fall foliage on the table leaves no doubt about the season. Or, arrange brightly colored
    leaves, sprigs of grasses, and ornamental corn into an arrangement.
  • Create a fragrant Christmastime centerpiece by wrapping a few bunches of cinnamon sticks with holiday ribbon, then arranging them in a wicker basket with fresh, aromatic pine branches.


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