Take a Tortilla

When you need a meal on the go, you can't go wrong with tortillas.
Fish Tacos with Tropical Fruit Salsa

Wrap it, roll it, fry it. You can't beat the versitility of the simple tortilla for quick mealtime solutions.

Fish Tacos with Tropical Fruit Salsa This mango, cucumber, and tomato salsa adds a refreshing twist to these jerk-seasoned, soft-shell fish tacos.


Southwestern Chicken Stir-Fry This quick-to-fix stir-fry is a flavorful combination of marinated chicken, sweet pepper, and corn. Serve in warm flour tortillas or serve over a bed of mixed greens, if you wish.


Picadillo Tacos This version of picadillo (pee-kah-DEE-yoh) is a sweet, spicy combination of ground sausage, ground beef, raisins, and nuts.


Greek Chicken Tortilla Roll-ups This savory lemon-oregano marinated chicken is topped with a creamy cucumber yogurt and rolled up in a warmed flour tortilla.


Chicken Quesadillas with Fruit Salsa A colorful combination of papaya, nectarines, and hot pepper salsa top these lime-marinated baked chicken quesadillas, for those quick-to-fix weeknight meals.


Corn and Bean Quesadillas Corn, refried beans, and the creamy textured Mexican cheese, chihauhua, fills these quick-and-easy quesadillas.

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