Soups & Side Dishes

Keep a good thing going with these smart starters and sides.


Solid Gold Squash Soup
Solid Gold Squash Soup

Solid Gold Squash Soup Thaw frozen squash in the microwave oven while cooking the onion and spices for this all-but-instant creamy soup.


Onion and Mushroom Soup This hearty soup combines the natural sweetness of caramelized onions with the nutlike flavor of wild rice.


Gazpacho Cold fresh tomato soup with cucumbers and sweet peppers, seasoned with balsamic vinegar.


Side Dishes

Mexicana Couscous
Mexicana Couscous

Mexicana Couscous Quick-cooking couscous helps put this dish, reminiscent of Spanish rice, on the table in no time.


Risotto Primavera The traditional method for this classic rice and vegetable dish requires constant attention. The shortcut version is listed first.


Apple and Sweet Pepper Slaw Maximum flavor and no fat make this crunchy cabbage salad distinctive.


Jicama-Berry Salad Jicama, a tuberous root vegetable, adds both a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet flavor to this fruit-and-vegetable salad.