Ham and Bean Soup Dinner

Make weeknight dinner fast and easy. Here's a main course recipe and three suggestions for rounding it out into a complete meal. Find out how to effortlessly dress up starters, sides, and desserts to fit the meal's main course.
The Menu

Anyone lucky enough to have ham bone left over from a party will have to make a pot of this Ham and Bean Soup. After making it once, you'll want to make it again and again, and following the directions for using smoked hocks means you can have it anytime. Serve it with Green Salad, Cheese Grits, and Apples with Caramel Sauce for a quick dinner. Keep grits on hand to make it easy.

Ham and Bean Soup
Green Salad

Your favorite greens tossed with dressing, add whatever fresh veggies you have on hand: Radishes, cucumber, shredded carrots, etc.

Cheese Grits

Follow directions on the grits package for cheese grits.

Apples with Caramel Sauce

Look for caramel sauce in the produce aisle -- it comes in a dipping tub that you can use for reheating. Serve with sliced apples.


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