Treats from the Tropics

Two recipes sure to induce mango mania.
How to Slice a Mango

Feasting on golden-to-orange, tart-sweet mangoes is almost as good as basking under a palm tree in a warm climate.

However you eat mango-plain, peeled and sliced, or tossed in fruit salads and desserts-you will enjoy this tropical treasure. To tell if the fruit is ripe and ready, look for some yellow or red on the green skin, a pleasant aroma near the stem end, and flesh that feels soft to the touch.

Mango flesh hangs onto its seed as tenaciously as a cling peach clings to its seed. To expedite slicing:

Step 1: Slice off the stem area. Holding the mango on its side, slide a sharp knife along one side of the seed, as shown. Repeat on the other side of the seed, resulting in two large pieces. Cut away all of the flesh that remains around the seed.

Step 2: For cubes, make cuts in each large piece in a crosshatch fashion through the flesh just to the peel. Bend the peel back and carefully separate the peel and the flesh with the knife.If you prefer slices, cut the peel off each large piece, then slice.

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