Mouthwatering Sides

Round out your meal with these delightful side dishes.
Curly Cukes and Radish Salad

Curly Cukes and Radish Salad This simple salad becomes sensational when you make it with cucumbers and radishes fresh from your garden.


Moroccan Blood Orange Salad Make this fruit and olive salad in minutes, then let the flavors blend while you finish the rest of the meal.


Dutch Treat Coleslaw Prepare this quick-to-fix blend of cabbage, sweet pepper, and creamy vinegar dressing for those last-minute get togethers.


Spring Vegetable Soup Italians classify soups as either zuppa, a thick soup, or minestra, a soup in which the ingredients stand out from the broth. This minestra-style soup plays up asparagus, fava beans, peas, and young artichokes with a hint of flavor from fresh fennel and pancetta.


Cranberry-Apple Sauce Apple complements the cranberries and makes up for reduced sugar. The calories add up to 67 per serving.


Tortilla Soup Anaheims and poblanos add a lively beat to fresh corn and tomatoes in an aromatic broth.


Creamy Spinach Soup Use tiny cutters and thin slices of carrot to make the carrot garnish to accent this smooth spinach soup.


Farmer's Market Melon Soup Pick up a fresh melon at your local farmer's market and prepare this creamy melon, yogurt, and ginger soup.


Roasted Cheddar Potatoes Start with frozen potato wedges. To have hot appetizers always available, you can divide the wedges into two batches and heat them one at a time.


Italian Green Beans with Bacon If Italian green beans, which have a wide, flat, green pod, are not available, substitute the more slender and rounded regular green beans