Between-Meal Snacks

A healthy mix of taste-tempting snacks that will keep you going from meal to meal.
Cottage Cheese and Apple Snacks
Cottage Cheese and Apple Snacks

Cottage Cheese and Apple Snacks What goes together better than apples, peanut butter, and cottage cheese. Try the combination in this low-fat snack. To keep the apple or pear slices from turning brown, brush them with a little lemon juice.


Honey-Mustard Pretzel Snacks Pack these crunchy snacks into school lunches or to take along on hiking or biking outings.


Gobblers Combine crackers, cheese spread, and a mix of yummy munchies for a turkey snack you can gobble


Bite-Size Hot Dog Snacks Serve this hot-dog fix-up as an after-school snack.


Mango Yogurt Pops Made with real fruit and fat-free yogurt, these pops are a healthful low-calorie treat. On a hot summer day, the tropical taste of this refreshing snack will hit the spot for kids and adults alike.


Fruit Sundae Snacks Shredded jicama adds crunchy sweetness with the look of grated coconut to these fruit-filled waffle cones.


Blaze-a-Trail Mix An easy mixture to stir together! It's great to take along on a hike.


Rice Cakes with Cheese-Apricot Spread Combine cream cheese and fruit preserves to spread on rice cakes. For added fun and flavor, top with sliced banana, sliced apples, or raisins.


So-Simple Treats Put together this candy and nut snack in minutes.


Snack Truffles Makes these peanut butter candies up to seven days before serving.