Chicken soup recipes, cream soup recipes, slow cooker soups, and potato soup recipes—you'll find them all here! We put together some of our best soup recipes for you to cook your way through, as well as expert advice on more practical matters, such as how to make your own broth. Broth is the foundation for so many soups, and you can make your own at home that's more delicious than broth from a can. We also have pointers to thicken soups and remove fat. If you're looking for a family-favorite dinner recipe, look in our best chicken soup recipes. You'll find recipes for classic chicken noodle soup and chicken tortilla soup, plus fresh new ideas for Mexican-flavor soups and chicken soups with dumplings. For the health-minded cook, there are recipes for healthy soups and chilis, as well as vegetarian soups. And for a no-fuss dinner, add ingredients to the slow cooker before you leave for the day to come home to a warm dinner that's ready when you are.

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Slow Cooker Soups
Slow Cooker Soups and Stews

Chase away the chill with our satisfying slow cooker soups.

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Our Best Vegetarian Soup Recipes

These comforting vegetarian soups will become favorites.

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How to Make Tastier Soups

Try our expert tips for sumptuous homemade soups. Soups can be hearty main dishes or a good first course. Try soups as side dishes, too!

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    Reap the benefits of your local farmer's market. Follow our advice for a successful experience every time you shop.

  • Soup Recipes

    We've pulled together our best soup recipes and provided helpful tips on how to thicken broth and remove fat.

  • Chowder & Stew

    Hearty chowders and stews like oyster, clam, and beef provide a delicious solution for lunches and dinners.

  • Vegetarian Soup & Chili

    When you are looking for a meatless meal, our soups and chilis offer an abundance of veggies, beans, and grains.


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