Welcome your kids home from school with these tasty snacks.

Cottage Cheese and Apple Snacks

Apples with Cinnamon-Cider Dip Once cut, the apple slices brown quickly. Sprinkle them with lemon or orange juice mixed with a little water, or treat them with an ascorbic acid color keeper.


Banana Raisin Trail Mix Let the kids stir together a batch of this high-energy snack mix. It's perfect for hiking, biking, or backyard munching.


Bite-Size Hot Dog Snacks Serve this hot-dog fix-up as an after-school snack.


Bite-Size Taco Turnovers The small taco turnover "packages" are neater to eat than traditional tacos.


Cheese Crackers These crisp tidbits can be made in advance and chilled until nearly serving time. Then just slice them, bake them, and serve them fresh from the oven.


Cheese and Bean Quesadillas It's fiesta time, not siesta time, with these easy, tasty tortillas filled with cheese and refried beans.


Cottage Cheese and Apple Snacks To keep the apple or pear slices from turning brown, brush them with a little lemon juice.


Fresh Fruit Dip Serve as a snack or as a delicious dessert.


Hit the Trail Mix Try this easy treat for an after-school snack that the kids can toss together.


Pizza Tortilla Rolls Packed with appeal, these will be a hit with all ages.


Popcorn Crunch Cups Kids of all ages will love these easy-to-make snacks.


Easy Taco Pizza This hearty south-of-the border pizza is popular with both kids and adults alike.


Sticks and Stones Snack Mix The pretzels look like sticks and the cereal and nuts resemble stones in this lightly spiced snack mix that will appeal to kids of all ages.


Peanut Butter Sandwich Plus Beyond the basic peanut butter sandwich -- choose three of your favorite toppings to add.