Healthy Slow Cooker Appetizer Recipes

These delicious slow cooker appetizers prove that you can stick to a healthy eating plan even while you party. Each slow cooker recipe has fewer than 200 calories per serving, so you can celebrate without worry.


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    • Chicken and White Bean Taco Dip

      Indulge your craving for taco dip and fill up on protein with a hearty chipful of our slow cooker dip. White beans and chicken flavored with cumin, cayenne, and pepper-Jack cheese offer more nutrients than the typical sour cream-base taco dip.

    • Lemon-Zested Snacker Mix

      Yes, you can enjoy a crunchy herbed snack mix from your slow cooker! The prep is a snap -- simply measure and combine. But don't forget to stir occasionally to evenly distribute the zesty coating.

    • Mango-Habanero Pulled Chicken Bites

      This fresh and flavorful chicken mixture served atop toasted baguette slices makes an elegant and healthy appetizer. If you have any leftover chicken mixture, it's great to use in quesadillas and sandwiches, too.

    • Asiago Cheese Dip

      Cheese dip is your friend, we swear -- especially this easy recipe. Combine mild Asiago with cream cheese, mushrooms, and green onions in your slow cooker for a simple, low-calorie appetizer. Serve it with cut-up veggies for low-cal dippers.

    • Pizza Fondue

      Great for dipping, saucy pizza fondue  mimics supreme pizza but uses fresh vegetables and lean turkey. Turkey sausage is as juicy and savory as pork or beef sausage, and it has less fat and calories.

    • Barbecue Turkey Wedges

      To make this saucy slow cooker appetizer with even less fuss, you can prepare the pita wedges a day in advance. The turkey mixture can also be made ahead, chilled, and reheated.

    • Hot Wing Dip

      If you like things spicy, use more of the Buffalo wing sauce called for in this recipe. Serve the cheesy slow cooker dip with celery sticks for a cooling contrast and lots of crunch.

    • Boiled Chicken with Bold Flavor

      Watch how easy it is to cook chicken to use in Hot Wing Dip or other party foods.

    • Caramelized Onion and Cranberry Cheese Toasts

      Thanks to your slow cooker, the low-calorie mixture of apples, cranberries, and onions becomes a warm, candied topping for crispy baguette slices. Complete these sophisticated little appetizers with a dab of creamy cheese.

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      Spinach-Parmesan Dip

      Try a party-pleasing dip with tangy flavor and subtle heat from cayenne pepper. Keep calories low by serving this thick, scoopable dip with cut-up veggies.

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      Fruit Chutney with Spiced Chips

      For a time-saving shortcut, purchase cinnamon pita chips (whole grain, if possible) instead of making your own. Or make homemade pita chips a day in advance and store them at room temperature.

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      Broccoli-Cheese Dip with Potato Dippers

      Transform the classic baked potato with broccoli and cheese into a crowd-pleasing and low-calorie dip recipe. Spiced potato slices make fun, tender dippers that can be used for other dips, too.

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      Party Potatoes with Creamy Aioli

      The creamy horseradish-flavored aioli gives this appetizer recipe a bit of indulgence without adding a lot of fat.

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      Caponata Sicilianata

      Spoon this veggie-loaded starter on top of hearty whole grain bread slices for a healthy appetizer to kick off your party.

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      Hoisin-Garlic Mushrooms

      Four ingredients plus a splash of water are all it takes to create these saucy mushrooms with fewer than 50 calories per serving.

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