Slow Cooker Beef

Try our best slow cooker beef recipes for a simple, low-stress meal. Beef recipes are an excellent, budget-friendly choice for the slow cooker. You can purchase inexpensive cuts of beef that are commonly tougher and transform them into tender, juicy recipes by cooking with a slow simmer in the slow cooker. For a classic slow cooker recipe, try our updated versions of pot roast. We have more than a dozen new ideas for you to jazz up the traditional pot roast. Barbecue beef is another slow cooker favorite. Put together a whole meal with our recipe for shredded beef sandwiches and complementary side dishes. Ethnic-inspired beef recipes, such as beef lo mein and shredded beef fajitas, are also good matches for the slow cooker; try our varied recipes for new dinnertime favorites. It's also easy to adapt your favorite stove-top and oven recipes for the slow cooker using our conversion tips for stews, soups, and roasts. Slow cooker recipes take only a bit of prep—but if you've got a busy morning, it might be hard to find the extra minutes to put ingredients together. Use our tips and tricks to save valuable time.

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Slow Cooker Tips and Advice
Slow Cooker Conversions

With a little tweaking, you can make many of your favorite soups, stews, and roasts in your slow cooker.

Make-Ahead Slow Cooker Tips

Making a slow cooker dish for tomorrow night's dinner? Save time by following these easy tips.

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

Looking for an easy and healthy dinner? All you need is your slow cooker and these simple recipes.

Our Favorite Slow Cooker Beef Recipes
Hearty Slow Cooker Beef Sandwiches

Make a meal the entire family will love. These simple slow cooker sandwiches are easy to whip up. Enjoy them on game day or on a chilly fall day.

Favorite Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipes

Enjoy a savory bite of pot roast hot out of your slow cooker.

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