Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

What can cut your time in the kitchen, make great use of budget-friendly ingredients, and reduce kitchen mess? One appliance: a slow cooker. We have slow cooker appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and more. Start by choosing a slow cooker recipe. Not sure what you want? Answer a few simple questions in our slow cooker recipe finder app, and you'll get a customized list of recipes that suit your needs. We collected our favorite slow cooker recipes to make weeknight cooking a breeze with ideas for sandwiches, wraps, and, of course, soups and stews. We also assembled more than a dozen slow cooker pot roast recipes with flavors from all over the world to jazz up the classic dish. The slow cooker makes easy work for party prep. Try any of our fun slow cooker appetizers with ideas for dips, fondues, meatballs, and even snack mixes that can be made in the slow cooker. Beverages are another great party recipe that can be served warm from the slow cooker. We have recipes for family-friendly hot cocoas and adults-only warm cocktails.

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Popular Ways to Use a Slow Cooker
Hearty Slow Cooker Soups

Come home to a delicious slow cooker soup, made with vegetables, chicken, beans, beef, potatoes, and more.

Slow Cooker Sandwiches

Slow-cook meat to create a warm sandwich for dinner tonight. You'll find pulled pork, sloppy joes, and more.

5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes

With only five ingredients, these delicious, hearty dinners are super simple thanks to your slow cooker.

More Slow Cooker Recipes and Meals
Slow-Cooked Appetizers and Sides

Use your slow cooker to prepare other parts of your meal, such as a warm, inviting appetizer or a satisfying side dish.

Yummy Slow Cooker Desserts

Have you ever used your slow cooker for dessert? We have puddings, fondue, and cobblers to try. These easy recipes are perfect for entertaining. Served right from the slow cooker, they are ready when you are!

Specialty Slow Cooker Recipes
Easy Slow Cooker BBQ

Prepare your favorite BBQ recipes right in your slow cooker.

Italian Slow Cooker Recipes

Warm, hearty Italian recipes were meant for your slow cooker.

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

Stick to a smart meal plan with our healthy slow cooker recipes.

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