Simply Perfect Cheesecakes

  • Stir gently after adding the eggs and any remaining ingredients. If the filling is beaten too vigorously, too much air will be incorporated, and the cheesecake will puff, then fall and crack.
  • Test the cheesecake for doneness at the shortest baking time given in the recipe to prevent overbaking, which causes the center to fall and the cake to be too dry.
  • Check for doneness by shaking the cheesecake pan gently. (If you insert a knife, the slit may expand to a crack.) A 1-inch area in the center still will juggle a little when the cheesecake is done but will become firm as it cools.
  • Reset the timer for the amount of cooling time given in the recipe, usually about 15 minutes. Then, follow directions for loosening the cheesecake crust from the sides of the pan. If you wait longer, the cake may pull away from the sides and crack. Cool 20 to 30 minutes more before removing sides of pan.