Selecting a Great Steak

When you're hungry for a steak, here's some advice to help you decide what cut to buy.
Fajita Style Fland Steak Although a little less tender, a
flank steak is still a great choice.

The meat's location on the animal determines how tender the steak will be. The most tender steaks come from the rib and loin sections; the less tender cuts, such as round and flank steak, come from the leg, rump, and shoulder areas. For the most tender grilled steaks, choose one of these cuts:

  • boneless chuck mock tender
  • boneless chuck top blade
  • porterhouse
  • T-bone
  • rib
  • ribeye
  • sirloin
  • top sirloin
  • tenderloin
  • top loin (strip)
  • tri-tip

A good all-purpose steak is the top loin or sirloin steak because it is one of the more tender steaks but won't break your pocketbook.