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Our Best-Ever Fall Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens

Every year, our Test Kitchen staff and Better Homes and Gardens editors test hundreds of recipes to find the perfect ones for you. We've collected the top-rated favorite fall recipes for you to try, such as hearty casseroles, spiced desserts, savory side dishes, and lush cheesecakes. We suspect these will become part of your treasured recipe collection, too.


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    • Apple-Cinnamon Rolls

      "Wonderful," "heavenly," and "great twist on the cinnamon roll," were all phrases our editors used to describe these sweet treats loaded with great apple flavor.

    • Macaroni and Brie with Crab

      Sophisticated add-ins make this pasta casserole a deliciously rich dish for special occasions. As one tester says, "Crispy golden-brown top, creamy brie, nice light crab flavor -- love it!"

    • Roasted Mushroom Soup with Dill and Lemon Gremolata

      Bright lemon and dill combine to make the zesty gremolata that tops our favorite creamy fall soup. As one tester says, "It's the best roasted mushroom soup I've ever had!"

    • Salted Caramel Pots de Creme

      We love the way that just a pinch of sea salt brings out the rich, buttery caramel found in these creamy desserts. Share the indulgence -- this fall favorite serves eight, perfect for a crowd.

    • Apple-Cardamom Custard Pie

      Enjoy a dessert that's full of warm and earthy fall flavor. Our simple cardamom custard pie fills the bill -- our Test Kitchen home economists loved it! Their favorite part? The decadent layer of caramelized apples.

    • Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

      Our testers said it all: "This is a really, really tasty mac and cheese -- caramelized onions, smoky bacon, smoky cheese, and butternut squash -- oh my!" Watch our video to learn how to make it yourself.

    • Dulce de Leche-Hazelnut-Pumpkin Pie

      Take it from a taster: "Oh my gosh! Lovely, interesting, yummy, delicious -- this pie has great flavor and pretty garnishes -- a home run!" says one of our editors. We love the way it combines traditional pumpkin pie with the rich flavors of hazelnut and dulce de leche.

    • Caramel-Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

      Our Test Kitchen staff says these pecan pastries are "like mini pumpkin pies topped with a caramel-pecan topping." They work well as appetizers at a party or as an after-dinner treat.

    • Maple-Mascarpone Cheesecake

      Maple flavoring takes a simple cheesecake from ho hum to oh, yum! Our Test Kitchen staff recommends bringing all the ingredients to room temperature before preparing to ensure they incorporate properly.

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      Curried Squash Muffins

      We just couldn't keep these spiced muffins to ourselves! An irresistible mixture of cinnamon and curry mingles with sweet, tender squash for a taste that's everything we love about fall.

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      Potato-Apple Gratin

      What flavor says fall more than fresh apples? We can't get enough of the seasonal fruit, especially when added to rich, creamy potato gratin along with savory bacon and Gruyere cheese.

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      Make-It-Mine Streusel Pie

      You'll love how easy and versatile this delicious dessert is -- we certainly do! Our Test Kitchen staff describes it as "a great streusel-topped fruit pie that you can mix and match to your desired tastes." Different flavor options include blueberry, rhubarb, apple, and cherry.

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      Orange-Hazelnut French Silk Pie

      Our panel loves the way zesty orange perfectly complements rich hazelnut and chocolate in this French silk pie. For wow factor, we recommend topping with piped whipped cream and candied orange peel.

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      Ginger-Pear Star Scones

      How would we describe this fall recipe? "Yummy little scones in a cute shape -- tender and flaky -- very good!" says one member of our panel. We can't get enough of the sweet and zesty ginger and pear that fill these top-rated treats.

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      Toffee-Pear Sticky Pudding

      We're head over heels for this sweet-and-sticky pudding. A fresh date and pear reduction fills the dessert; rich toffee and pear make up the indulgent sauce that's drizzled on top.

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      Quince Skillet Tart with Savory Prosciutto Pastry

      The secret to this savory brunch tart? According to our Test Kitchen staff, it's quince, which tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear, and should be peeled and cooked for optimum flavor. We're also obsessed with the finely chopped prosciutto found in the flaky crust of this delicious tart.

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      Pumpkin Latte Coffee Cake

      Make the perfect fall coffee cake with just one simple addition -- pumpkin! Our Test Kitchen staff suggests making it in advance: Simply prepare and cool the cake as directed, but omit the coffee drizzle until serving.

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