How Into Pumpkin Spice Lattes are You?

Put your spice-loving status to the test with this ultimate quiz of fall's signature sipper.

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How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Don't throw out those seeds from pumpkin carving, put them to delicious use as a fall snack. Here's our simple method for roasting pumpkin seeds.

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Ultimate Fall Dessert: Chocolate-Pumpkin Brownies!

Lose yourself in tangy pumpkin and luscious chocolate in hot-from-the-oven brownies that feature pretty swirled tops.

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Your One-Can Plan to Everything Pumpkin

Pumpkin ... it's basically the best ingredient ever. We love it in everything -- pies, cookies, soups (and the list goes on). But let's be frank: There's nothing worse than having leftover canned pumpkin to use up. That's where we step in! Our collection of irresistible pumpkin recipes use up a full can of pumpkin. Try one of our canned pumpkin recipes today.

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Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

Our slow-cooked fall recipes are perfect for warming yourself up on a cool autumn night. Comfort food favorites like pumpkin bread and spiced chili, as well as global twists on classic autumn flavors, guarantee that these fall slow cooker recipes are sure to satisfy.

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Wickedly Fun Halloween Cupcakes

Whip up a cupcake creation that is sure to dazzle your Halloween party guests by decorating store-bought or homemade cupcakes. Our Halloween cupcake monsters, black cats, witches, and ghosts are all magic to make and decorate!

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Festive Baked Goods

Get a head start on holiday baking with our top 20 favorite recipes. From luscious cranberry cheesecake to light and buttery feather rolls, these sweet treats will warm you and your home, inside and out.


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    • Caramel Apple Pie

      Greet the holiday season with the inviting aroma of classic apple pie. Our version features creamy caramel and a crunchy cinnamon-oat topping. Crimp pie edge or braid dough for a pretty pie crust.

    • Easy Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

      Get a double dose of frosting in our festive pumpkin pie cupcakes. A layer of fluffy orange frosting followed by a swirl of our special sweetened whipped cream will make every luscious bite worthwhile. 

    • Cranberry-Chocolate Cheesecake

      This decadent cheesecake features swirls of homemade cranberry sauce in luscious white chocolate. Its buttery wafer-cookie crust adds a soft crunch, while sugared, candylike cranberries make a pretty garnish.

    • Banana-Clementine Wacky Cake with Pomegranate Sauce

      Tart pomegranate sauce takes our wacky cake over the top. Made with crunchy seeds and fresh clementine juice, this glossy fruit glaze pairs wonderfully with soft banana cake.

    • Apple & Browned Butter Tart

      Take advantage of in-season Honeycrisp apples coated in a sweet, buttery glaze in our delicious tart. Plus, make your own pastry crust with our easy three-step process.

    • Black-Bottom Cheesecake

      You'll want to save room for this after-dinner delight. Layers of luscious cheesecake with a creamy chocolate-pecan middle make this delish dessert a must-have. Make and freeze up to a month in advance, then add the pretty chocolate-caramel garnish just before serving. 

    • Turkey Tom Cupcakes

      Your guests will gobble up these cute Thanksgiving cupcakes. Easy candy decorations turn our scrumptious pumpkin-chocolate cupcakes into adorable, tasty treats.

    • Maple-Nut Pie

      A brown sugar-maple filling, complete with crunchy walnuts and a splash of rum, makes a melt-in-your-mouth holiday pie that will warm your kitchen with its inviting aroma.

    • Double-Decker Pumpkin Bread

      Twice the pumpkin flavor doubles this bread's yumminess. We use canned pumpkin to make this delicious bread recipe quick and easy. For extra comforting fall flavor, we've added a hidden ribbon of luscious cream cheese. 

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      Fudgy Caramel & Peanut Butter Brownie Pie

      Packed with creamy peanut butter, rich chocolate, crunchy peanuts, and smooth caramel bits, this decadent pie is everything a holiday dessert should be -- and then some!

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      Rustic Pear with Saffron Pastry

      A little bit of saffron goes a long way in this delightful pear-cherry dessert. Prepare pastry dough, then chill anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 days before baking.

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      Feather Rolls

      Bet you'd never guess the secret to our light and fluffy rolls: mashed potatoes! Your Thanksgiving guests will reach for seconds of these melt-in-your-mouth rolls.

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      Spiced Tea Breakfast Bread Pudding

      A medley of dried fruits and orange spice tea meet in this scrumptious vanilla-infused breakfast. The best thing about this dish? You can enjoy it at fewer than 170 calories!

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      Chocolate-Pecan Pie with Kahlua

      Classic chocolate-pecan pie gets a blast of coffee flavor from Kahlua, a strong coffee liqueur. Take it over the top with our homemade coffee whipped cream.

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      Toffee-Pumpkin Pie Bars

      Craving a pumpkin treat? Our delectable pie bars will do the trick! Creamy caramel joins crunchy pecans for a delightfully tasty topper.

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      Cocoa-Hazelnut Macaroons

      Crazy for chocolate? Our hazelnut macaroons are full of cocoa flavor! For an easy-to-squeeze filling tool, spoon the chocolate-hazelnut spread into a plastic bag and snip a small hole in one of the corners.

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      Snickerdoodle Pie

      Your favorite cookie is back! We've revamped the old snickerdoodle into a warm and delicious pie complete with a melty cinnamon-sugar filling and golden pastry crust. 

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      Maple-Swirl Biscuits

      Nothing's better than fresh-from-the-oven, warm, buttery rolls on a chilly fall day. We upped the delicious factor with a double dose of pure maple syrup -- once in the dough and again in our sweet, creamy frosting.

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      Carrot Cake Bars

      Try carrot cake this Thanksgiving. Our sweet bars feature fresh ginger and a heavenly cream cheese frosting. Sweet golden raisins keep the cake moist and delicious.

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      Sweet & Savory Twist Bread

      This Thanksgiving, switch out sweet rolls and try our rosemary bread instead. Our easy bread recipe starts with frozen dough, then gets help from delicious stir-ins: raisins, pecans, and a dash of cinnamon.

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      Freezer-Friendly Holiday Cookies

      These Christmas cookies don't mind waiting around in the cold one bit. Get a leg up on holiday preparations by taking advantage of Christmas cookies' affinity for freezing. Each Santa-special treat can freeze for up to three months.
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