Savory Pies

Pie is no longer just a sweet ending to your evening meal. A delectable savory pie is a popular main dish choice for both lunch and dinner. Filled with a variety of ingredients and flavors, such as chicken, sausage, squash, carrots, peas, beef, salmon, bacon, mushrooms, eggs, turkey, and sweet potatoes, these pies are a one-dish meal you can easily create to satisfy most palates. If the thought of preparing a homemade crust intimidates you, we offer complete step-by-step instructions on how to make and roll pie dough, and even add decorative touches to your crust. Once you've mastered the crust, show off your skills and prepare a delicious chicken pot pie or quiche. You can also try crustless versions of tamale pie and shepherd's pie. And if you'd like to avoid the heat or your oven is already in use, kick back and relax while your slow cooker does all the work for dinner.

Recipe Quick Find

savory pie recipes
Squash and Sausage Shepherd's Pie

Filled with sausage and squash, this shepherd's pie recipe is a fun twist on the classic.

Bacon-Mushroom Quiche

This quiche recipe is perfect for a Sunday brunch or when you have overnight guests.

Barbeque Chicken Pot Pie

Barbecue sauce give this sweet and savory pie irresistibly smoky flavor. We love it with sweet potatoes!