Sandwiches and Soups

Tasty quick meals that are simple to make for a small or large number of dinner guests.
Pastrami Kabob Sandwiches

Pastrami Kabob Sandwiches This sandwich, filled with pastrami, spinach, and a vegetable-cream-cheese spread, is cut into quarters, and threaded onto skewers.


Serving Suggestion: Try this sandwich with glasses of iced tea and a few crunchy vegetables, such as green onions, radishes, broccoli, jicama, carrot, or pea pods.

Mediterranean Tuna Pockets Tuna, hard-cooked egg, tomatoes, olives, and capers tossed with a lemon-mayonnaise dressing fill these pita bread rounds.


Serving Suggestion: Tummy-warming Cheese Soup with Pesto goes well with these hearty sandwiches.

Cobb-Style Chicken Sandwich Chicken, cheese, bacon, and avocado are all part of the classic cobb salad that inspired this snappy-tasting meal-on-a-bun.


Serving Suggestion: Simple side dishes, such as potato or corn chips and strawberries or grapes, keep this meal quick to fix.

Tortellini and Fresh Spinach Soup A combination of carrots, fresh spinach, and cheese tortellini in an herbed broth make up this easy side-dish soup.


Triple-Corn Chowder A combination of frozen corn, cornmeal, and corn nuts add an interesting texture to the pleasantly flavored soup.


Serving Suggestion: With this full-flavored soup, serve pork or chicken sandwiches, with chocolate-chunk cookies for dessert.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Spirals These easy make-ahead tortilla roll-ups are filled with thinly sliced ham, Swiss cheese, and an herbed cream cheese mixture.


Serving Suggestion: Complement these snazzy sandwiches with three-bean salad spooned into small lettuce cups.

Cheesy Sour Cream and Onion Burgers These sour cream Dijon-mustard flavored burgers are topped with Monterey Jack cheese and mushroom-onion mixture for a twist.


Serving Suggestion: Go picnic-style with baked beans and glasses of lemonade.

Greek-Style Pocket Sandwiches A seasoned ground-beef filling topped with yogurt lends typically Greek flavors to this quick sandwich.


Serving Suggestion: Arrange orange slices on lettuce leaves and sprinkle them with nuts.

Caraway-Potato Chowder A combination of potatoes, ham, sauerkraut, and caraway makes this quick-and-easy soup a weeknight favorite.


Serving Suggestion: Fill out this menu with sliced applies or pears, crispy breadsticks or crackers, and glasses of milk.

Chicken-Meatball Soup Warm corn bread and fresh fruit round out the meal.