Salmon Loaf with Tomato-Dill Sauce

This delicacy is easy to prepare and makes a luscious meal.
salmon loaf with tomato-dill sauce Salmon loaf with Tomato-Dill Sauce

Take a look at these tips for preparing Salmon Loaf with Tomato-Dill Sauce:

Try This Technique:

flaking the fish in a bowl with a fork Step 1.

1. Using a fork, flake the fish or seafood. Although the skin and bones of salmon and mackerel are edible, you will have a smoother texture in the fish loaf if you remove them.

adding the flaked fish to wet ingredients in mixing bowl Step 2.

2. Add the flaked fish to the wet ingredients in the mixing bowl. Use a spoon to combine the ingredients gently but thoroughly. Overmixing produces a dense and compact loaf.

patting the fish mixture into greased loaf pan Step 3.

3. Gently pat the fish mixture evenly into a greased loaf pan or custard cups. Or, shape firmer mixtures into a loaf or other special shape in a greased shallow baking pan. Use your fingertips to smooth the top. Remember, a light touch is important when working with a fish loaf.

taking pan off baked salmon loaf Step 4.

4. Allow the baked loaf to stand in the pan for a few minutes, then run a table knife between the pan and the loaf. Invert a serving platter over the pan, then turn the loaf onto the platter and remove the pan. Unmold individual loaves in the same manner.