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Salad steps out of the realm of side dishes and takes center stage as a healthful, filling main-dish meal. But the same old salad can get boring, which is why we have fresh ideas for satisfying main-dish salad recipes. With the amazing wealth of produce available in the summer months, it's a natural time to feast on salads. Our garden-fresh salad recipes are filled with veggies, fruits, and lean meats, and can be tossed together in no time. Salad is a natural lunch choice for a brown-bag meal. Try any of these hundreds of salad recipes for a new take on the lunchtime classic and get a head start from our make-ahead lunch ideas. Chopped salad is a restaurant favorite, but you can easily make a great version at home. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to make chopped salad. It walks you through each step, from chopping garlic and lettuce to topping with delicious garnishes. In addition to the classic leafy green salad, we have delicious ideas for potato salad recipes with delightful flavor twists that may surprise you.

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Meal Ideas
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