Green Salad

Here's a way to go green at dinner: Enjoy a toss-together plate of leafy greens, fresh salad dressing, and vegetables and fruits in a green salad everyone can agree on.

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Great Green Salad How-Tos
How to Make a Green Salad

Browse our guide to the greens (iceberg is crunchy and mild; arugula offers kick), then wash, dry, and serve a fresh green salad.

How to Select and Use Kale

Jump on the kale bandwagon -- there's a reason everybody's doing it. The green is loaded with nutrients, and it's a cinch to prep and cook.

How to Wash Vegetables

Rinse off the dirt and contaminants in your fresh produce. We cover four types of lettuce plus all the crunchies you like to toss in.

Top Salads from Better Homes and Gardens
Quick and Healthy Green Salad Recipes

Enjoy a main-dish salad that's low in fat but full of protein -- all for fewer than 400 calories.

Salad: 40+ Ways

Serve salad as a side, make your salad healthier, prep a chopped salad, or master a fresh-from-the-garden salad.


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