Satisfying Slow Cooker Side Dishes

Looking for slow cooker side dishes to add to your recipe repertoire? Look no further! Our wide selection of scrumptious slow cooker sides offers a multitude of recipes to pick from, including potatoes, veggies, and grains. Try one of our slow cooker side-dish recipes tonight!


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    • Lemony White Bean and Carrot Spinach Salad

      Fresh carrots, avocado, and spinach add delicious nutrients to your salad. Add pistachios and feta cheese for texture, and a lemony dressing to bring bright flavor to the dish.

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    • Three-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes

      Scalloped potatoes are a delicious addition to any dinner, but our slow cooker version takes the cake. Not only is it super easy, but it's made with cream of potato soup and three kinds of cheese, making it ooey-gooey good.

    • Orange-Sage Sweet Potatoes with Bacon

      Take a break from traditional candied sweet potatoes, and serve our herb-accented golden slices instead. Zesty citrus brightens the natural sweetness, while salty bacon adds a savory touch.

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    • Cauliflower and Broccoli in Swiss Cheese Sauce

      Swiss cheese and Alfredo sauce make a rich and creamy blend, but it's the herbs that elevate this cheesy vegetable dish to sublime. If you're assuming creamy sauce means high-cal, think again! Our healthy side dish rings in at fewer than 200 calories per serving.

    • Wild Rice with Pecans and Cherries

      Dried cherries provide a tart flavor to our herbed wild rice dish, while toasted pecans add a generous crunch. Green onions and shredded carrots add bright color.

    • Rustic Garlic Mashed Potatoes

      Chicken broth seasoned with garlic makes these fluffy mashed potatoes especially flavorful. In fact, our mashed potatoes are among our top-rated recipes of all time!

    • Slow-Cooked Sourdough Peasant Bread

      This beautiful loaf of bread bakes in a slow cooker! Watch the video to find out how to make it.

    • Orange-Glazed Carrots and Parsnips

      Sweet, tender carrots and parsnips get an elegant update when glazed with a double whammy of citrusy flavor: orange marmalade and orange juice. Quick-cooking tapioca thickens the delightfully delectable sauce.

    • Buffalo-Ranch Macaroni and Cheese

      All you need to make this pasta dish: cayenne pepper sauce, shredded carrots, American cheese, ranch dressing mix, and pasta.

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      Creamy Mushroom Risotto with Peas Made in a Slow Cooker

      Your slow cooker makes this creamy risotto so much easier. Plus, the versatile side dish is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

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      Vegetable and Garbanzo Curry

      Taste a spoonful of this colorful curry, and you'll discover a delicious combination of spices -- curry powder, coriander, crushed red pepper, and cinnamon. The slow cooker side dish is best when served with plain meats and poultry.

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      Barley-Squash Gratin

      Add protein to our tasty butternut squash and spinach gratin by tossing seared scallops into the mix. The best part of the slow cooker dish? It takes just 15 minutes to prep!

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      Braised Chickpeas with Midsummer Vegetables

      This summery recipe requires little hands-on time. Chicken broth ties the garbanzo beans and seven different veggies together. You can also turn this side dish into an entree -- just add chicken.

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      Warm Eggplant and Kale Panzanella

      Salad in a slow cooker? Yes, it can be done! Simmer kale and eggplant in your slow cooker alongside tomatoes, sweet peppers, and onion, then toss with bread cubes and shredded Parmesan to finish.

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      Thai Vegetable Medley

      Spice up your favorite veggies (literally!) with a mix of red curry paste, coconut milk, and fresh ginger. The medley of zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, and sweet pepper has never tasted so good!

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      Crock-Roasted New Potatoes

      Just a few simple seasonings are all you need to showcase yummy new potatoes. We used fresh rosemary, garlic, and olive oil on our slow cooker taters.

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      Cider-Maple Brussels Sprouts

      Apple cider and maple syrup transform simple Brussels sprouts into a warm and cozy winter side dish that's impossible to resist. A sprinkling of salt and pepper balances the sweet flavors.

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      Sweet Ginger Roots

      Give earthy golden beets and carrots a makeover with pomegranate juice and fresh ginger. All it takes is 15 minutes of prep plus time in your slow cooker to make this fantastic slow cooker side dish.

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      Vegetable Casserole

      Polenta, spinach, tomato, radicchio, Italian cheese, and two kinds of beans simmer with garlic and basil pesto to create this delicious vegetarian dish.

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      Acorn Squash with Orange-Cranberry Sauce

      No matter how you serve this festive cranberry-sauced squash -- with meat, poultry, or fish -- it's a top-notch way to round out a meal. Orange marmalade, raisins, and jellied cranberries make the delicious sauce.

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      Multigrain Pilaf

      Wheat berries, barley, and wild rice make our multigrain pilaf wholesome, filling, and infinitely delicious. Each serving has just 169 calories, too!

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      Apple-Buttered Sweet Potatoes

      Cubes of sweet potatoes and Granny Smith apples cook alongside dried cranberries, spices, and apple butter to make a tasty side dish that won't last long at the dinner table. We love how the hearty flavors come together to make the six-ingredient slow cooker side dish.

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