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13 Rice Recipes

Rice can be a simple side dish or a whole lot more. Mexican rice, fried rice, and rice stuffing are all simple to add to your meal. We used dried fruits, nuts, and fresh herbs to create creative rice recipes for your dinner table.


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    • Wild Rice Dressing

      Crunchy wild rice sets the stage for colorful cherries, chopped leeks, and fresh herbs. This potluck-perfect rice recipe makes a crowd-pleasing 12 servings.

    • Mexican Green Rice

      For a rice side dish that’s almost as impressive as your main course, try our green Mexican rice, sauced with homemade salsa verde. The jalapeno-spiced salsa, loaded with avocado and tomatillos, also makes a tasty dip. 

    • Spring Green Fried Rice

      Tender peas and edamame give this quick rice recipe its fresh green hue. Spicy ginger and tangy soy sauce play off nutty sesame oil to add layered flavor to the simple brown rice.

    • Wild Rice with Corn and Basil

      Nutty wild rice is a rich complement to the juicy corn in this rice recipe. Transform the Midwestern ingredients into a sophisticated side with fresh basil, chopped pecans, and fresh peppers.

    • The Secret to Fried Rice

      Homemade fried rice is simple and fast. Armed with our secret, yours will rival your favorite takeout joint.

    • Mexican Red Rice

      Savory Mexican rice is a favorite alongside fajitas, tacos, and other South-of-the-Border dishes. We make ours with tender long grain rice, store-bought salsa, and a pinch of chile pepper.

    • Spicy Vegetable Fried Rice

      Toss the takeout in favor of our one-dish fried rice recipe. Filled with colorful veggies and spicy flavors like chile sauce and ginger, it’s a bold addition to any Asian-inspired meal.

    • Lentil and Rice-Stuffed Peppers

      Fill fresh peppers with fluffy brown rice and protein-rich lentils for a light vegetarian meal. The rice mixture cooks in the slow cooker, so all you have to do is prep the peppers.

    • Brown Rice Pilaf

      Making pilaf means cooking rice in broth -- an easy way to impart flavor to the grain. Our veggie-studded pilaf recipe hints at Mediterranean flavors with fresh sweet marjoram cooked with the rice.

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      Asian-Style Fried Rice and Beans

      This sweet-and-savory rice recipe brims with juicy sauteed pineapple and protein-packed chickpeas, which make it hearty enough for a vegetarian main dish.

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      Mushroom-Wild Rice Stuffing

      Rice makes a light substitute for bread in this rustic stuffing. The simply delicious flavors of nutmeg, aromatics, and fresh mushrooms stand out against nutty brown rice.

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      Rice Pilaf with Oranges and Walnuts

      This citrus-laced rice recipe makes a bright accompaniment for fish or poultry. We love that you only need one dish to make it.

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      Wheat Berry and Wild Rice Salad

      Toss lightly crunchy wheat berries and wild rice in Italian dressing for a hearty chilled salad. For hints of sweetness, add dried cranberries and freshly snipped basil.

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      Pomegranate Rice

      Fragrant ginger and cinnamon pair with fresh pomegranate seeds to transform simple white rice into a companyworthy side dish. Be sure to let the rice stand so it can fully absorb the flavors.

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