Make-Ahead Recipes for Your Cooking Club

Across the nation, Moms are gathering to share ideas, have some fun, and cook meals for their families together. Here are some big-batch ideas that are just right for your cooking club.

Cooking clubs are showing up in towns and cities all across the country. Mothers, in particular, find that a weekly or monthly gathering with friends or relatives is a great time to enjoy each others' company, share recipes, and cook some meals that can be tucked away in the fridge for later.

The links below takes you to a recipe collection you can use in your cooking club. Each collection gets a simple start from a versatile base recipe. Depending on the length of your cooking-together session, your club can use the base recipe to make the trio of recipes provided here.

Or, you can send each club member home with copies of the recipes and a portion of the base to use as their own readymade headstart to a delicious home-cooked meal.

Basic Italian Sauce

This versatile Basic Italian Sauce can be made ahead in batches, then kept in the freezer for later use. We also include three easy recipes that incorporate the basic sauce.

Basic Italian Sauce plus variations

Browned Mushroom Sauce

Fortified with rich cream and hearty beef broth, this multipurpose sauce can be frozen in small portions, then microwave-thawed in minutes. We also have three recipes that use this sauce as a base.

View Browned Mushroom Sauce plus variations

Make-Ahead Meatballs

A family favorite for generations, meatballs are a marvelous way to prepare an inexpensive ingredient in a variety of sophisticated (or simple) ways. In addition to a flexible recipe for the meatballs, we're also including three quick-and-easy recipes that make good use of these tasty morsels.

View Marvelous Meatballs plus variations

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