Make Ahead Meals

Save time with our top make ahead recipes and meal ideas, including casseroles, soups, and even dessert! Casseroles are the classic make ahead dish, and we have casserole recipes for any night of the week. Try our ethnic-inspired casseroles to introduce world flavors in familiar ways to picky eaters. Or turn to our best-loved casserole recipes for classics the family is sure to love. If you're keeping a close eye on budget, casseroles can be inexpensive and wholesome; try our ideas that all cost under $10. Putting your slow cooker to work is another great make ahead method. Prep your meal in the morning, and come home to a savory, filling dinner. If you have an entree already in mind, you also can use your slow cooker to make a tasty side dish. It might seem difficult to get ready in the morning and make your lunch, too, but a dozen easy-prep, make ahead lunch ideas will quickly convince you otherwise. For a delicious dessert, try our make ahead bar cookies perfect for potlucks and gatherings.

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Mouthwatering Make Ahead Desserts
Make Ahead Cakes, Pies, and Tarts

Follow our make ahead recipes and you'll have dessert ready before dinner.

Potluck-Perfect Desserts

Our delightful make ahead dessert recipes are perfect to bring to your next party.

Yummy Slow Cooker Desserts

Come home to one of our easy desserts that are ready when you walk in the door.

Make Ahead Weeknight Meals
Slow Cooker BBQ Recipes

Throw the ingredients for these make ahead recipes together in the morning and come home to slow-cooked BBQ dishes.

Make Ahead Slow Cooker Meals
Our Best Slow Cooker Chicken

Transform chicken into a memorable make ahead dinner.

5-Ingredient Make Ahead Recipes

Start with a few items to make bold-flavored slow cooker meals.

Ethnic Slow Cooker Suppers

Take your taste buds on a trip with our global slow cooker recipes.

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Easy Meal Ideas
Must-Try Recipes


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