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Easy 30-Minute Meals

Skip the drive-through! Each easy recipe in this collection of 30-minute meals makes it possible to dish up a nourishing homemade dinner, even on your busiest weeknights.


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    • Artichoke Flatbread

      By starting with whole wheat flatbreads (instead of a time-consuming crust), this colorful pizzalike entree makes our list of 30-minute meals.

    • Lemon Butter Chicken Breasts

      It's hard to believe, but this easy recipe takes just six ingredients to make. Better yet, you probably have most of them on hand right now.

    • Shrimp and Roasted Red Peppers

      Thanks to this easy recipe, you're just 25 minutes from a rich, flavorful pasta dish. Roasted sweet peppers and fresh garlic flavor-charge the sauce, while white wine and a splash of whipping cream add elegance. 

    • Pork and Pumpkin Noodle Bowl

      Noodle bowls are often deceptively easy recipes. Here's a fast and fabulous case in point starring sage, pumpkin, and pork, with whole grain linguine to help boost the nutrients.

    • Our Top 30-Minute Recipe: Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

      Try it once, and this Pork Tenderloin Sandwich with Tarragon-Apple Slaw will be one of those easy recipes you'll turn to again and again.

    • Skillet Vegetables on Cheese Toast

      Going meatless a few nights a week is a great way to try out new dishes (and cut some calories). In this easy recipe, a fast saute in olive oil brings out the natural flavors of the vegetables, and chevre cheese makes each bite irresistibly creamy.

    • Bacon-Wrapped Salmon with Fruit Chutney

      Admit it: You can't get enough bacon. Luckily, it cooks quickly, making it an easy addition to 30-minute meals. You'll love the way salty bacon adds savory contrast to the sweet-tart chutney in this simple salmon dinner.

    • Bacon and Egg Pasta

      This easy recipe takes "breakfast for dinner" to a whole new level. Thick-sliced bacon and hard-cooked eggs combine with a creamy Asiago cheese sauce for a fast and flavorful pasta dish.

    • Veggie Grilled Cheese

      A generous helping of vegetables, such as fresh garlic, baby spinach, and dried tomatoes, transforms a classic lunch sandwich into an easy recipe for dinner.

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      Orecchiette with Ricotta and Chard Pan Sauce

      Quick-cooking orecchiette is the perfect easy dinner. Here, the bowl-shape pasta pairs with creamy ricotta and deeply flavored, nutrient-dense Swiss chard for a dish that's simple yet refined.

      Editor's Tip: Play with the final flavor by substituting Asiago or Pecorino cheese for the ricotta, or try a mixture of all three.

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      New Year's Day Dumpling Soup

      It couldn't be more simple to stir up a light, savory twist on this traditional Korean dish. It's typically served on the Lunar New Year, but it's such an easy recipe, you'll love turning to it all year-round.

      Editor's Tip: Serve with a bottle of hot sauce so everyone can add spice to their liking.

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      Lemon-Ginger Fish

      Still searching for that elusive balance between healthy and delicious? Give this quick and easy fish dish a try. A lemon-ginger sauce adds light, zesty flavor to the fresh cod as it sautes. Serve on a bed of wilted fresh spinach for one of the best 30-minute meals around. 

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      Spanish Rice with Chicken and Shrimp

      End your day on a global note with a fast, simple spin on Spanish rice. Shortcut ingredients such as frozen shrimp, frozen peas, and canned tomatoes make this easy recipe a simple solution for your busiest nights.

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      Pancetta-Wrapped Chicken with Glazed Date Sauce

      Savory pancetta and creamy low-fat cheese bring an air of sophistication and irresistible flavor to this easy chicken recipe. We also love the sweet notes from the homemade date sauce.

      Editor's Tip: Saute napa cabbage or escarole with a little olive oil and garlic for a delicious, antioxidant-rich side.

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      Turkey Burgers with Peaches and Berries

      When you're on the hunt for a satisfying and quick dinner, you'll usually hit the jackpot when you choose a burger. Here, peaches and blueberries add a delightfully unexpected flavor angle.

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      Linguine with Sausage, Greens, and Egg Pan Sauce

      In this easy recipe, the egg yolks cook with the linguine, sausage, and spices for a lightly silky sauce. The shaved Parmesan cheese melts just enough to add an irresistible finishing touch.

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      Southwestern Meatball Chili

      Chili doesn't always fit into the category of 30-minute meals, but this two-step, six-ingredient recipe is a terrific exception. Ripe cherry tomatoes add fresh flavor, and you can choose your favorite brand of chili powder to add just the right spice.

      Editor's Tip: Looking for a leaner dinner? Try substituting turkey meatballs for beef.

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      Pork Chops with Fennel Salad

      Fresh flavors star in this colorful and easy recipe. The fennel salad boasts young green beans and orange and apple slices. Honey-orange dressing finishes each bite on a bright note.

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      Pasta Carbonara

      You want fast meals that are quick and healthy, too? Done and done! This fast, lightened-up version of classic carbonara calls for multigrain spaghetti, turkey bacon, and plenty of veggies for great taste and good nutrition all around. 

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      Gnocchi with Creamy Tomato Sauce

      Enjoy a quick and luscius taste of Italy with this easy recipe. Shortcut ingredients save time, while creamy ricotta cheese and sauteed button mushrooms add the flavors you'll love.

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      Green Chile-Pork Stew

      Mexican food handily makes it into the category of 30-minute meals, especially when you call on quick-cooking pork tenderloin to speed things up. You'll also appreciate this easy recipe's healthful angle -- the satisfying soup comes in under 300 calories.

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      Beef Sirloin Tips with Smoky Pepper Sauce

      Purchased barbecue sauce and a quick-cooking cut of beef make this an especially easy recipe to get to the table after "one of those days." Choose instant polenta for a speedy side.

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