30-Minute (or Less) Dinners

Get dinner on the table in a hurry with this extensive collection of 30-minute quick dinners. Pasta tosses, chicken dinners, beef entrees, seven-ingredient recipes—you name it, we've got the easy recipes you need to save weeknight dinners. No time to stop at the grocery store? No problem. Turn to our simple dinners from pantry staples to use up ingredients you already have stocked. Cooking with what's in season is always in style. Make our quick and easy recipes for summer barbecue season; our fresh, full-of-produce spring recipes; and warm, cozy classics of winter and fall. Want to shave even more time off your meal prep? Try our 20-minute dinners. Make quick work of dinner by transforming last night's leftovers into something new with our leftover makeovers. The ideas are easy: Turn one dinner's meat sauce into a calzone filling the next night, or use up baked chicken breast in a pasta toss. Trimming time also means making smart shortcuts; use these shopping techniques and prep tips to finish dinner fast.

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Fast and Healthy Dinner Recipes
Healthy and Quick Dinner Recipes

You may be short on time, but you can still enjoy a healthy dinner in 30 minutes or less.

30-Minute Healthy Chicken Dinners

Stop here for 20+ easy recipe for this dinner favorite—chicken—in 30 minutes or less.

Our Best No-Cook Recipes

Try one of our favorite no-cook recipes, from soups and salads to wraps and sandwiches.

More Ways to Enjoy a Quick Dinner
30-Minute Beef Recipes

These 30-minute-or-less easy recipes, including steak suppers and beef toppers for pasta, are sure to satisfy.

Healthy 30-Minute Dinners

Enjoy a satisfying, healthy dinner in less time than it takes to watch your favorite evening sitcom.

Everything in 30-Minute (or Less) Dinners
Great Menus
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    Try one of our 30-minutes-or-less menus when you need a delicious home-cooked meal in a hurry.

  • A Weekend of Family Meal Ideas

    Don't struggle planning a weekend menu when you can use our complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe guide.

Easy Recipes for Dinner
Proven Crowd-Pleasers
Seasonal Suppers
  • 20-Minute Fall Dinners

    We have something for everyone with this selection of hearty fall weeknight dinners that can be ready in no time.

  • Quick Recipes for Dinner

    The fresh flavors of summer flow through our scrumptious, quick-to-prepare main-dish recipes.

  • Quick and Easy Grilled Fish

    Whether you're partial to salmon, catfish, tuna, or halibut, grilling brings out the freshest summer flavors.

  • Cookouts That Dazzle

    You need eight ingredients or fewer to grill an inviting veggie sandwich, spicy shrimp, or glazed chicken entree.

  • Quick and Easy Spring Dinners

    When spring is in the air, turn to some of our tasty seasonal favorites like chicken salad and veggie frittata.


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